Thursday, September 1, 2011


love september.
kyle. photo shoot at the lake last september.
me. photo shoot at the lake last september.

it is actually my favorite month, and here's why:

it's my birth month.
my birthday is the 25th, which is a great time to have been born, if you ask me. (although, i'm totally aware that you didn't ask me.) i think 25 is a great number. the 2 and the 5 look good next to each other, and the word "twenty-fifth" sounds nice, i think.

it has almost perfect weather.
september is right when the weather is starting to change into fall, but is still warm enough to enjoy the sunshine. i can drive with the windows down and wear a cardigan at the same time. i can sit in the sunshine and read without feeling like i'm going to have a heat stroke. kyle will probably disagree with me about this, because he's weird and likes to sweat -- but i like it.

it's the perfect middle ground.
it's not too close to christmas. it's not too close to valentine's day. it's not too close to pretty much anything. it is the perfect location on the calendar, because my celebratory day (or week) isn't overshadowed by some other big (way more important) holiday. i mean, would you want to share a birthday with the son of God? obviously, i know that christmas isn't really about the gifts, so please save your "you shouldn't care so much about presents" comments. all i'm saying is, there's always going to be those half presents, like "here -- this is for christmas anddd your birthday." seriously? also, sharing a birthday, or even birth month, with jesus is sort of a much bigger version of having to follow christina aguilera on auditions for the mickey mouse club. (sorry, jessica simpson.)

it's mine & kyle's dating anniversary.
once upon a time, when i was just 16, kyle asked me to be his girlfriend while we were standing in the same starbucks we go to almost every day now. it all started out as a summer flirtation, and (almost) 6 years later, here we are. still together. still in love. still laughing and holding hands. and i'm so thankful.

i realize i haven't mentioned the worst part about september, and i know it is one of the hardest days of the year for this country. but despite the tragedy that 9/11 is, our country is made up of people who overcome devastation and heartbreak. i believe in that. i believe in the strength of our country. and i believe that each year, it gets a little easier. 

here's to hoping this september is wonderful. for everyone.


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