Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fashion for fall: hair

i think this fall is all about natural-looking hair — nothing too done up or hairsprayed. honestly, this is how i usually am with my hair anymore. if i curl it, i usually only spray it a smidge and wear it for a couple of days and let the curls sort of just fall out over time. half of the time, i just blow dry my hair and brush it out (maybe). sometimes i pin my bangs over or braid them or braid all of my hair to the side. really, nothing too crazy ever. no bump-its or teasy combs for me. so obviously i pretty much love any hair trends that go with this easy/lazy style. 


i am all about a good braid. this doesn't mean a simple one braid down your back anymore. they look great when they are neat and smooth and secretly pinned, or messy and organic and natural.

braiding the from part of your hair or your bangs is a quick way to add some interest to your look. i like mine a little on the loose side, but you can work yours however you like.

there are so many cute ways to rock a simple braid, and the girls at the beauty department know where it's at with this one.

this awesome waterfall-type braid, also featured on the beauty department, is a new, fun way to braid your hair. there is a step-by-step tutorial there, too, to show you how to get that look.

fun and polished

also, fishtail braids are making a serious comeback. last year, i liked to wear a fishtail to school when my hair was dirty, and it would still look pretty good. this year, girls must have caught on, because i see these braids everywhere now. either that or they all have dirty hair. fishtail braids are a little more complicated, but the beauty department has a great video tutorial to show you how to create a fishtail. 

a great messy/natural braid is this boho braid featured on the beauty department. the step-by-step for this one can be found here. i'm dying to try this one out.

love the mess

messy buns + ponytails

in high school, wearing your hair in a bun or "wad" meant you were "skanking it" that day. which saying that now it sounds so ridiculous but still nonetheless true. it just meant you hadn't taken the time before 7 a.m. to actually get ready. now when i wear my hair in a bun, it probably just means i'm too hot for all my hair to be on my neck. anyway, a bun or messy bun can be perfectly cute. 

fun bun
messy bun
in the fall, i wear a lot of scarves with lighter tops. this way, i can prevent having to wear a jacket if i don't want to, but the scarf still keeps me a little warmer. plus it looks hella cute. the problem i run into with this is that since i have really long, thick hair, a scarf around my neck tends to overpower my whole face. pulling my hair back into a ponytail or a bun opens up the look more.

an amazing little helper for this look are spin pins. you've probably seen the commercials with the girl going from place to place and changing her bun several times with her simple spin pins. let me tell you, i was skeptical, too, but believe when i say, they work. even with all my crazy, unruly hair. even when it's knotted and messy and out of control. they work and they will change your life. the pins come in a package of 2, and cost around $6. best six bucks you'll ever spend if you like to rock a bun.

game changer

i'm sort of into ponytails lately, too. they don't necessarily mean you just came from the gym anymore. they can be awesome and voluminous and lovely. and like a good messy bun, they can totally open up your face when you have extra layers on for the cool nights of fall.

serious ponytail business
side pony


lovely textured waves
fall is about nature, i think. the leaves are changing. the sun shines in the day, but the air is cool at night. leaves are rustling in the wind. natural waves seem to go with this theme. waves are pretty timeless and can work with any season, but a bit of texture goes a long way for fall. like i said, i have a lot of hair, but it only takes me about 10 minutes to curl my hair into waves, including the messing them up part. it helps to know how to properly curl your hair with a curling iron and figure out a way that works for you. and once again, the beauty department can show you how to do that. i found that starting in the back and working my way to the front worked more quickly, and i like a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron the best. it's really important to mess these curls up once they're finished. that's the whole point of the look -- natural and wavy and textured. 

alotta hair


i love wearing fun little pins and things in my hair sometimes. i definitely have to be in the right mood, but a clip or scarf can be just what you need. 

a fun, retro look for fall
i recently purchased these elastic hair ties/braclets from a shop on etsy called ManeMessage. they look cute on your wrist without causing those painful/annoying indentions. each package has 5 ties for $7, and they come in a plethora of colors. also, you can wear them in your hair all day without that stupid, funky crease when you take it down. amazing. i wore one in my hair (ponytail) all day long at work and during a long workout, and then took my hair down and went to dinner. so if you want a new favorite thing for fall, i highly recommend these babies.

awesome hair ties/bracelets

i'm not really sure if there are men hair trends each season, and i don't really know much about how to style a man's hair. i pretty much just want all men's hair to always look like james dean's.

hello, james.
i realize some men just can't do this, just like some women just can't have straight or curly hair. however, there is a perfect look for every man, you just have to find it. i know i'm pretty lucky my boyfriend's hair comes pretty close to mr. dean's look.

kjd + his awesome red hair

i definitely think men over the age of 18 should have a real haircut, not a shaggy helmet like justin bieber. that's cute for a teenager (kinda), but not an adult. a man's hair should either be cut nicely or long like a rockstars. the in-between "shaggy" stage gets a little weird for grown men. with a nice cut, i little length on top is good and gives you options, and the messy-not-too-done look works just as well for guys as it does girls. kyle just bought a new product (he's a bit addicted) when we were in savannah. it's called baxter of california, and he seems to like it pretty well. it's a bit expensive for hair stuff, but if it works, it's worth it.

cream pomade by baxter of california

i'm all for trying out new things with your look, but i'm also all about rocking what god gave you. so this season, try the "just rolled out of bed looking this awesome" style. or just roll out of bed if you really want to. fall is filled with new adventures, so don't let your hair hold you back. let it go and go kick some leaves around.



  1. Great entry, KRQ! I wonder if my hair is long enough for the natural wave...I will have to try and see!

  2. haha thanks! yes, you'll have to try ;)