Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more nails

i just wanted to show a few manicures i've done recently. sorry if this doesn't interest my male readers (but then again, maybe it does). ;) i get a lot of people telling me "you should open a nail salon or something!" which is really flattering and tells me that people think i'm ok at doing my own manicures. really, doing my nails just makes me feel good about myself -- i feel better when my nails look good -- so in that aspect, i suppose i'm a success. but here's the thing -- i can't do nails. i don't know anything about artificial nail application, or anything like that, and i don't have any professional tools or license or desire, really, to do nails for a living. it's just fun and i enjoy it. the only thing i can do is paint -- i just happen to choose to paint on ten tiny canvasses instead of one big one. i definitely got my mom's artistic gene, so i like doing fun projects and things -- manicures are one of them. but i still love the compliments nonetheless. :) like i said, it's very flattering. anyway -- here are a few manis.

"San Tan-Tonio" by OPI with craft glitter by Martha Stewart in "Smoky Quartz." this is one of my favorite manicures i've done -- ever. i got so many compliments on these, even from my waitress at max & erma's. yeah, she might have just wanted a better tip, but she seemed genuine to me. i might do these again soon. the only thing is, this glitter is a beyotch to get off. because i use actual craft glitter, nail polish remover has to work extra hard to get it off. i just think it looks more unique than buying glitter nail polish. i usually have glitter all over me (and the house) before it's over with, but i think it's worth it.

"Pull Over" by Sinful Colors and "Pure White Tip" by Sally Hansen. i used a tiny little art brush to create dots -- i tried to make them sort of fade out at the tip. these aren't my favorite, but they worked.
this was something my 9-year-old cousin, katie, wanted -- a bumble bee and a flower. she picked out all the colors. for the base coat, she wanted "First Kiss" by Confetti. for the bee, i used "Black on Black" and "Pull Over" by Sinful Colors, "Pure White Tip" by Sally Hansen, and "Blue 4" by Urban Outfitters. for the flower, i used "Pure White Tip" by Sally Hansen, "Green 1" and "Blue 4" by Urban Outfitters. katie, being prissy like her older cousin, wanted some glitter, too. so i used "Yellow Barite" and "Onyx" craft glitter for the bee, and "Turquoise" craft glitter for the flower, all by Martha Stewart. i added a little bee trail with black dots on the other fingers using "Black on Black" by Sinful Colors. she loved them and couldn't wait to get to school on monday to show them off. i haven't heard, but i'd guess her friends loved them, too. ;)

i'm working on some new ideas for manis, so hopefully i have some good ones to talk about soon. also, since i won't be opening a nail salon, let me know if you'd like me to paint your nails for funsies. i'd be happy to, free of charge. :)


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