Wednesday, May 25, 2011

minty fresh pt. 2

here's a little update on my mint plant. it's actually growing! it smells sorta minty, but kyle says it's just a weed.
negative ned. but i look forward to mint juleps and poolside naps soon. :) i hope you're all having a good week so far and i'll write more soon. :)


Saturday, May 21, 2011

forget me not, my dear, my darling

ok so i know i've been m.i.a. for a while, and i apologize. not that i think that any of you reading this are actually bothered by this, but i guess when i start something i like to keep up with it and my writing has sort of fallen by the wayside. moving kinda screws up your routines.

there's really too much to go back and tell, so i'm just gonna start with what's going on now.

so yeah, i moved back home. kyle and i are now back living separately with our parents. weirddddd. and slightly annoying. not that i don't love my family, i think that previous posts have determined my love for them, but once you're on your own and then back to living with the parents, it's weird. especially when you decide to move back when they are tearing up the whole house to build a new kitchen/put on a new roof/fix the pool. kill me. but nonetheless, it's good to be back in the mountains and back with my dear siblings, and pretty soon we'll have a ballin' house to kick it in. ;)

i'm working at the wayne county news and i like it. it's wayyy stressful at times, but it's good and good for now. kyle is working at the ymca and designing my best friend's wedding invitations, and when he's not doing that he is persistently looking for jobs elsewhere for hours at a time. sort of exhausting to watch. i've applied to a few places, but not nearly as many as him -- partly because i just can't sit there for that long and partly because i don't know what the hell i want to do. and seriously, let's be honest, what we really wanna be doing is watching glee.

in other news, i'm trying to get fit and tan for summer -- 15 lbs down and 3 shades up. ;) this summer is gonna be a good one and i'm pumped. i'm a bridesmaid in three weddings this summer so i'm gonna be busybusybusy. but how exciting that three of my best friends are getting married and that i'm in all three of the celebrations! can't wait. :)

that's about it i guess. i'll have more interesting posts soon. promise.


title: "forget me not" by the civil wars