Tuesday, October 19, 2010

incredible machine

i bought sugarland's new cd today, "the incredible machine," which i've been looking forward to for months. so even though i'm sick and coughing and filled with mucus, i ventured out to get the cd today. i went straight into wal-mart and after realizing they are doing some serious remodeling and everything is huger and farther away than usual, i made it to the electronics and grabbed the deluxe edition of the masterpiece, perfect in it's silvery case. each of the 11 songs are wonderful and moving. when my brother and i saw them in concert about a month ago, i got to hear some of their new songs and fell most in love with "stand up." it's such a moving and insistent song. its lyrics are simple but active, and its message is one of incredible importance - stand up and help each other through love. all the songs are great, but this one is so special. i love sugarland and for as long as my ears can hear their music, i will continue to love them. think what you want of their music, but there is no denying that the messages they send through their songs are powerful. jennifer and kristian, you've outdone yourself.


ps. jennifer, i want to be your best friend...not in a creepy way, just in a i-think-you're-hilarious-and-would-be-a-blast kind of way. ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i've always said if i ever joined a band, i'd be the tambourine player, and recently this thought has taken over my brain a little bit...not the band part, the tambourine part. i want one. badly. it could be the hippie/gypsy in me that makes me want one and become so enamored with such things...but whatever it is, i like it. so i think when i get paid this week, i'll go on a quest to find one i like. i love when i can hear a tambourine in the background of a song - it immediately makes me like the song even more. also, i recently finished the book "extremely loud and incredibly close" by jonathan safran foer, and the main character, a little boy named oskar, carries around a tambourine with him at all times, and tends to play it when he's nervous or scared. i'm not sure if i would need it in those instances, but i would definitely love to have it when i hear a good tambourine solo in a song in the car. such as this song by florence + the machine.

i also want to learn to play the harmonica, and this song by barry louis polisar is why. i have this vision of me playing the harmonica for people and them being amazed by my skills...maybe not. but i would love to learn to play that song.

so hopefully by the end of next week or sometime soon, i'll have both my most-wanted instruments. now all i need is someone to play the fiddle...