Thursday, September 8, 2011

a special upcoming fall series + cocktails

starting next week, i'm going to have some fall fashion favorites. i'm not necessarily looking forward to summer being over (still holding off on ordering that pumpkin spice latte), but i am excited to try some new looks. i'll have fashion and beauty looks with each day being a different topic -- for example, monday will start it all off with a few make-up looks for fall. i'll post photos, either my own or from some of my favorite blogs, to show each look. i am by no means a professional, but i do keep up with fashion and trends and know what i like. also, these will be wearable looks for each topic, nothing too crazy that you will never wear in real life -- it will be all about outfits, hair do's, manicures and accessories that i wear or want to wear. so check back!
in the spirit of holding onto summer, here are a few cocktail recipes i've enjoyed this summer, and some i am looking forward to for the cooler months. make a summery one during these last official days of summer, or embrace the changing weather with an autumn-inspired drink.
skinnygirl margaritas
i love tequila and it loves me. sorta. but i don't love when you order a margarita and it's all mixer and no tequila and just tastes like lime-flavored syrup. enter bethenny frankel. she created a perfect margarita at only 100 calories per serving. i had several of these this summer at various parties, and let me just tell you, bethenny is not playing around. these babies are stout, so you are definitely getting your money's worth. plus, you won't gain 5 pounds and get 12 cavities from all the sugar in it like a normal margarita. perfection.

juice of 3 lime wedges
splash of triple sec
agave nectar

sweet tea vodka cocktail
this is one i kind of made up one day by the pool with my friends. hanna brought the vodka, and we had lemonade and fresca. i actually hate the taste of sweet tea vodka by itself -- it is definitely sweet, so much so that i want to gag. but with the lemonade and fresca, it's the perfect poolside drink.

1 part sweet tea vodka
1 part lite minute maid lemonade
1 part fresca
fall is here
autumn cocktail
i found this cocktail from a spread about the ladies of styled creative in matchbook magazine's september issue. styled creative is an amazing styling firm in philadelphia owned by two lovely ladies, kimberly and beka. i've never had them style anything of mine, but the photos in matchbook and on their portfolio site are amazing. i gather from the story in matchbook that they pretty much know how to style any type of photoshoot, plan a party and look fabulous while doing all of it. i want to be their best friend, obviously. i mean, look at this.

anyway, the spread featured this cocktail and i want to try it as soon as i'm finished being in denial about the seasons.

apple cider
a splash of rum
lemon juice
maple syrup
stone fence
the only thing i love more than tequila is whiskey. i'm like an old man. i don't think women normally drink whiskey, and when i tell someone i'm drinking a jack and coke, they look surprised. whatever. i love the smell of it (remember the rave about kyle's whiskey shave cream?!). i want to be able to taste it in my drink, and if i'm drinking alcohol, i'll pretty much choose it over anything if i can't decide what to get. so i found this cocktail recipe, which is simple and surely delicious.

2 oz. rye whiskey
6 oz. hard apple cider
found here at 12 bottle bar

the crow
apparently this was popular around halloween in the 1930's. it also has whiskey in it. vintage cocktail + whiskey = yes.

1.5 oz. redbreast whiskey
1.5 oz. lemon juice
1.5 tsp. grenadine
found here at 12 bottle bar
cherry apple whiskey sour popsicles
these gems might just be the perfect combination of summer and fall. it's cold and fruity, but has the warmth of whisky. yes. please

3 cups cherries
1 green apple
1 lime
1 cup whiskey
1/2 cup sweet & sour mix
found here at endless simmer

well now that you all think i'm a lush, i'll stop now. whatever side of the summer-fall fence you fall onto, enjoy these cocktails and don't call me when you have a hangover.