Thursday, September 30, 2010


i am quickly approaching this moment where i have to decide what to do with my life, and as exciting as that can be, it's also really effing scary. i don't really know for sure what i want to be or do once college is officially over, and no matter how many times people tell me "that's normal," it doesn't feel normal sometimes. i'm definitely moving to georgia for a while to be with kyle, but other than that, i don't have a solid "plan for the future." i'll just get some random job when i get down there and just be a college graduate for a while. but even though i freak out about not knowing what to do sometimes, there are other times where i literally feel myself not caring. i shrug my shoulders or roll my eyes and just move onto something else. i have jokingly said to people that i might just get a volkswagen bus and be a hippy who works at a coffee shop after graduation. but, i'm also kind of serious - i mean, minus the "no baths" policy and bong-collecting of your average hippies. i could drive a vw bus, though, for sure. and definitely work at a coffee shop for a while. and i would most definitely listen to the beatles a lot. it could be the perfect plan. and why wouldn't you want to drive around in one of these? they come in every color.

seriously, though, i'm not sure what i want to do yet. but i'll figure it out...eventually.

love&colorful buses.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


my favorite store in the world in anthropologie. i love all of their clothes and wish that one day i will have enough money to shop there all the time. any time i go a place that has an anthropologie store, whoever i'm with knows to allow me at least 2 hours to spend in there. i try on a million things and then decide what i can afford for that trip. i have a select few pieces of clothing from there that i take extra good care of and they have all turned out to be staples for my wardrobe. but i don't just love the clothing, i love everything, right down to the shopping bags and wrapping paper they put your purchases in. they have beautiful things for your home and i love all of that, too. so, here is a list of some things i have been lusting after from anthro. some are expensive, some aren't, but hopefully one day i can have all of these beautiful, wonderful things.

i love this chair. it is so eye-catching and lovely.
2. Love Letters Sheet Set - $228 (queen)
who wouldn't want to sleep among love letters?
classy enough to show off, strong enough to open your beer.
4. Crowned Crane Duvet Cover - $298 (queen)
i have wanted this bedding for years and they refuse to put it on sale. it is swoon-worthy to say the least.
i love aprons, and this one is so ridiculously adorable.
i would cook more if i had these beauties.
imagine sitting outside on your porch writing or drawing with this little thing.
i'm a sucker for owls, so of course i need this for my bathroom.
this mirror is perfect in every way.
10. Calico Owl Knob - $12
like i said - sucker for owls.
also, i'm a sucker for anything related to design or art, so of course i want these for every piece of furniture i own.
i would love to have a wall in my house with this paper. it would be perfect with a cozy chair and a nice lamp for reading.


Friday, September 17, 2010

little letters

i love jewelry. obsessed might be a more appropriate word. it's sort of sick, actually. nonetheless, i recently bought this little necklace and am now crazy about it. not because it was expensive or because it is particularly well made, because in fact, it cost 8 dollars and i've already had to repair it once. i love it because it holds love. literally. it is a small little envelope that actually opens, and of course, my love wrote me a little letter for it. i have worn it every day since i bought it, and especially now since it holds something so special. the tiny little letter reminds me of our love and how important it is. at least once each day, i pull it out and read the short little note, carefully fold it up and put it back in the envelope it came in. sometimes it helps so much to have something with you to comfort you. it's sort of like an adult version of a teddy bear or a blanket - those things always made you feel better as a child, and as an adult, this little letter around my neck helps me feel better. it's just a nice reminder of what i have, and it helps me not to take it for granted. i won't share with you what the note says, because some things are sacred, but trust me, it's perfect. it's just what i need to read every day to help with the fact that he is so far away. i am very blessed, indeed.


Monday, September 13, 2010

a list and some loneliness

kyle had to leave to go back to school this past weekend. each time he leaves it is as terrible as you can imagine, but i just have to keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it in the end. so here is a list for you about kjd himself.

10 things i love/find endearing about kyle:

1. he never misses the previews at the movies.

2. he is constantly looking for the new, best hair product.

3. he sings random songs for no reason.

4. he makes me handmade cards.

5. he has patience with me.

6. he writes the best love letters.

7. he makes me laugh. a lot.

8. he understands me even when i don't understand myself.

9. he shows me that he loves me.

10. he is himself. always and unapologetically.

to end this love fest that some of you probably hate, i will leave you with some photos from our most recent photo shoot at the lake. this is the man i miss.



Monday, September 6, 2010


for about two weeks i have been planning a surprise 25th birthday party for kyle, and finally on saturday it happened. i was so anxious and nervous about him finding out, because for anyone who knows him, you know how sneaky he can be. but he said he really was surprised. i think his words were "i'm a little disappointed in myself for not figuring it out." the party was a blast, and my decorations and favors turned out pretty great. here are some photos.

the tent was decorated with white christmas lights and a photo wire i made from photos i printed out and rounded the corners, then attached hoops of hemp cord or ribbon to them to string them along a longer piece of hemp cord, then held them in place with wooden clothes pins. the tables were covered with my mother's tablecloths and the chairs were just our own dining room and kitchen chairs from our house. i used mason jars and some random vases i had with tea candles as the centerpieces for the tables, and that also added some extra lighting at the tables.

the photo backdrop i made was just a bedsheet and with the help of my dad, we hung it on the side of the house using duct tape. i made the mustache sticks myself by cutting out the shapes of the mustaches from cardstock and hot gluing them to wooden sticks. the other props were just sunglasses, hats and other things i had laying around.

i made everyone gift bags that were stamped with their initials and tied with hemp cord and ribbon. there was a mix cd and a thank you note inside.

the party was a success and a total blast. the weather was that perfect first day of fall temperature and being outside with the lights and the tents was so comforting and romantic for everyone. we had great food, music and drinks, and it was so great to be able to do this for kyle and be with our closest friends. i wish we could do that every weekend!