Tuesday, September 20, 2011

nail trends

"afterall, nails are the new lipstick, the new statement shoe, the new...everything."

in a small beauty article in october's vogue, sarah brown writes about a new nail polish by nails inc. that will launch at sephora stores sometime soon. what's so special about it? it's magnetic

"it's unlikely, too, that you will have to pry yourself off the surface of your fridge. you may, however, immediately start making a lot of people, including yourself, smile."

the polish contains metallic iron particles, and the brush's cap has a magnet on it, which activates the particles when waved over the wet polish. you can move the magnet in a design or straight across, and as this magic liquid dries, it creates a pattern. a beautiful, shimmery pattern.

as i sat in starbucks reading this article, i gasped a semi-loud "ohmyygawddd." kyle's frightened response quickly subsided when i told him i was reading about nail polish. but seriously, this is too awesome.

brown says in the article that she wasn't immediately sure about the polish until she went about her day and had people literally stopping in their tracks to grab her hands and even touch her nails. this is enough for me to try it. 

the polish will be released in three shades at first — silver, plum, and gold — and i will definitely need to try them out. yes, they cost $16 a bottle, but it's a little splurge i'll have to do.

in other nail news, i can't decide how i feel about this crackle polish. i don't know if any of you remember, but crackle polish isn't exactly a new thing. i had some in middle school, i think, and wore it every once in a while. but i guess now that katy perry is the face of OPI's crackle line, it's a new thing? which, i mean, katy is pretty amazing, so i'd get something that was named after her songs. anyway, my mom picked this gray shade up at sally's. it's china glaze, not OPI, but still does the trick/crack. i just can't decide about it. maybe it's the light pink shade i chose for underneath it? i don't know. i'm going to experiment with it. what do you think?

however, i am totally sure that i love this. gold. shimmery. yes. please. forever.



  1. Kayla, I'm not a fan of the crackle either! And where did you get that amazing gold shimmer??

  2. Kristen! I think I'm going to try out the crackle with either a different shade of gray or black underneath and see if I like that better....? And the gold shimmer is called "Gold Coin" by Revlon! I got it at Target for like $4! :)