Wednesday, June 26, 2013

nearly here

We are quickly approaching the TWO MONTH mark for the wedding. How in the hell did that happen? So much has been going on and my house in a constant state of "unbearably messy," but there's just no time (or energy) to deal with it right now. Lately, my days look something like this…

Get up. Make breakfast. Pack lunches. Squeeze in a very quick workout, if I'm lucky. Get ready for work. Go to work/put my makeup on in the car (Kyle drives). Work all day long. Pick up Kyle. Make dinner. Scarf down food. Do something wedding-related. Go to bed. 

It's basically like that every single day. Granted, we did just get back from vacation and it always takes a few days to get back into the swing of things, plus Kyle has a sinus infection, but still. You get my point. 

There is just so much to freaking do for the wedding. I know we'll get it all finished, and I know that it will be fine, blah blah blah. But when you're smack in the middle of it and people keep telling you how excited they are for the big day, you start to feel a little pressure. 

However, I really do think it will be wonderful.

My cousin, Jessica, took some wonderful photos for us at the beach last week, just for funsies. Here are some faves.


I've been thinking about Corey a lot more than usual lately…probably because along with my wedding day, the one year mark is also quickly approaching. I can't believe he won't be there. This is a really weird memory, but it's just another example of how easily he creeps into my mind…I remember him telling Kelsey once that she had to scrub her face in the shower and not just move the soap around. I'm sure he was just giving her a hard time and I have no idea why we were talking about hygiene practices, but every single time I wash my face in the shower, I think of that. Isn't that odd? 


I really can't believe how little I've written this year. I definitely blame the wedding planning, but I'm hoping once it's here and all over and I have a new name (eek), then I'll write more. Surely I'll have way more to talk about, too. I'd love to have some posts about wedding details we did ourselves, etc. Because God knows I haven't kept anyone updated throughout like I said I would. 

I guess I could give you a quick list of things we DO have…
my dress
his suit
his shoes
save the dates/invitations
decorations (kinda…)
the place
the cake (meeting with Candice this weekend!)
the DJ (meeting with Jimmy and Allison this weekend, too!)
the photographer
the food (hoping to see Pat when I see Candice. haha!)
the preacher
the wedding party
the flowers (thanks, mom!)
the entertainment
the honeymoon (can't freaking wait)

Still need…
everything else

If I list the things I still need on here, I might have some kind of attack. So just use your imagination. 

Even though I'm stressed with everything we have to do, I'm becoming more and more aware of how excited I am to marry Kyle. Like, really freaking excited. And very happy.