Friday, April 15, 2011

oh, home. yes, i am home.

hello, west virginia.

it's been a while. your mountains look lovely, as usual, and pretty much the same -- except for the nice new green that's coming in as spring arrives. i missed seeing them a lot, so i'm glad you didn't do anything too drastic to them while i was gone. the streets here in huntington look the same. there are a couple of new places i've never seen before, and a couple new restaurants that have opened up. so far so good.

max and erma's changed it's menu, huntington prime doesn't serve lunch anymore and the starbucks bathroom code is 1278 this week. jim's has new waitresses (weird) and the same nice guy at chili willi's waited on us wednesday night -- and he recognized me even though i'd been gone for over 2 months. everyone seems to be breaking out the sandals and shorts for the warm weather you're having -- thank god, because i vowed if it was still snowing when i got back to you, i was going back to that steamy georgia -- you know how hot she is, so can you blame me?

i hope you don't think i forgot about you when i was away this time. i think about you all the time. can you believe we had to be apart for so long? think of all the times we've had together over the years --running around on your land, catching your lightning bugs, breathing your air, meeting the love of my life in your schools, driving on your roads with my friends, dreaming and working and thinking while i walked all over you. remember that time i swam in one of your lakes and i felt a weird fish on my leg and squealed? that was fun.

i'm glad most of my friends were here to welcome me back to your mountains, and i hope the ones that are spread out over your friends still think about you every once and a while. and i hope you don't take offense when i have to leave again. maybe you could work on getting more stuff for me to do here...? i know it's not your fault, it's just the time. i've gotta find my way in a place that offers more to a girl like me, a girl who needs big work for her big creative mind. understand? i'm not sure how much time we will get to spend together this go 'round, but i hope we can soak it up. every moment. every step. every breath.

it's so good to see you again, wv. i'll keep in touch.