Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fashion for fall: accessories

accessories can make or break an outfit. the wrong pair of shoes can ruin the entire effort, and a missing piece of jewelry could mean a boring outfit when it could have been a little more interesting. there are several accessories on my radar for this fall, some of which are carrying over from last year. hopefully, this season, i can get my fix.

scarves + tights
i love to wear scarves in the fall because, well i like scarves. in the summer, it's just too freaking hot for them, even if they are made of light materials. these styles have definitely struck my fancy. i love the scarves with little pom poms or fringe on the edges. the new style of an infinity scarf is adorable and easy. it just wraps around your neck without you having to figure out how to position it. and the flowy, sheer fabrics that are out right now, are perfect for layering onto an outfit.
1. american eagle. 2. modcloth. 3. american eagle.
1. anthropologie. 2. modcloth. 3. mine, anthropologie.
i am a complete sucker for tights. i probably have too many pairs, but i like to have options. there are so many different colors available, and this season, i'm looking forward to wearing my floral pair from last year, and hopefully getting a few more fun prints. i love these subtle polka dot ones, and these vintage style seamed ones are super cute.

i also probably have too many pairs of sunglasses, and right now i'm obsessed with cateye ones. i think they look cute on everyone and give you a little vintage jazz, which i love. i have one pair by betsey johnson that i love, but i really love these from anthropologie for fall.
all from anthropologie. all awesome.
mine, betsey johnson

lately, i've been wearing just a few pieces of jewelry a lot more than my others. this fall, i love adding cute bracelets to an outfit. i think a couple of little sparkly ones will add a little bit of fun to my textured fall outfits. glittery wrists with a tweed jacket? sounds good to me. i have a couple from jcrew that are fun to wear with just about anything, but maybe i can score one of these others this season. 

also, i have really been wanting a nicer version of my charlotte russe envelope necklace that kyle put a little love letter in. that cheap thing broke within a month, and i don't know if it's worth trying to find a chain for. so i would love this bhldn version, or some other nice version.
1. bhldn. 2. anthropologie. 3. bhldn.
bracelets, mine, jcrew
my elephant necklace was also a cheap find, but gets so many compliments you would think it cost more than $10. if you like animal print things, this might interest you. it's quite large and definitely adds interest to any outfit. i know i'll wear this one through the rest of the year.

elephant necklace, mine, charming charlie's

i don't switch up my bags a lot, so i like to find one that i will carry for a while before getting bored with it. i love these little bags with crossbody straps and gold clasps. and i'm on the market for new tote for my computer and things, and this army green one seems perfect. i've also seen several oversized clutches that interest me, even though kyle says they are just really big wallets. hopefully i can find one (or all) of these in the upcoming months. 
1. anthropologie. 2. urban outfitters. 3. madewell. 4. found on pinterest.

i would love a new pair of flats for fall, preferably in a nice fun color. i think these blue ones would look great with a lot of my fall outfits. i'm also dying for a pair of leopard print flats, because i think i'm the last person i know to get a pair. and these gold toms...well, i know they aren't for everyone, but i really think i could rock them this season. i've wanted them for a long time, and with the right outfit, i think they could be adorable.

1. anthropologie. 2. toms. 3. jcrew.
as for boots, (another obsession) i'm freaking in love with these herringbone ones from anthropologie. they definitely cost a pretty penny, but i'm going to watch them like a hawk to see if they go on sale. also, i wanted a pair of dark red leather riding boots all year last year but never found them. this year, i will get a pair. frye makes this beautiful pair, but they, too, are quite expensive. we'll see. 

1. anthropologie. 2. frye. 3. anthropologie.

moccasins are also everywhere, it seems, and kyle made a lot of fun of me for buying this pair last year at urban outfitters. yes, they are different and probably not for everyone, either. but they are comfortable and cute with a red cardigan and jeans. i'll be rocking these again this year, for sure.

mine, urban outfitters

oxfords are also coming back. at the start of last season, they were popping up everywhere, and the trend continues into this year. i love the heeled ones from anthropologie (pictured above), and i definitely would like a brown pair. i love my grey ones that kyle bought me last year for christmas, and i'm excited to start wearing them again with my fall dresses and maybe some tights.

mine, village collection

i know i have several expensive items and name brands on here, but don't think for a second i can afford all of this swag. i usually just find something i like and either find a cheaper version of it, or watch it until it goes on sale. a great example of watching something you like is kyle's mother, ruby. just last week she showed me a necklace she bought at the village collection that she had watched for an entire year. a year. she got it for around $30 i think, when it was originally over $100. success. so if you know there's something you want to try this fall, but it seems too expensive. look around or wait. things go on sale all the time, and things like shoes and bags tend to be extra expensive, but, in my opinion, make all the difference to your wardrobe.


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