Thursday, September 22, 2011

i love marilyn

during a random trip to target the other day, this cover of vogue stopped me in my tracks.

michelle williams, one of my faves, is playing marilyn monroe in a film called "my week with marilyn."  i haven't had a chance to finish the article yet, but what i have read is lovely and interesting. the photos are by annie leibvoitz, naturally. stunning.


this photo is my favorite from the 14 page spread. the original version of this photo with the real marilyn is one of my favorites of her, as well. i have the book "fragments" with actual photographs and scans of marilyn's diaries, and the cover of the book is this photo of marilyn on a checked couch with a red diary in her hand. i love everything about it — the colors of the couch and her clothing, the relaxed pose of such a beautiful women, the concentrated look in her eyes — it all makes the picture so interesting and captivating. plus, in this one, michelle looks so much like marilyn it's scary.

michelle definitely knows how to channel a person, and she is amazing as marilyn. of course, marilyn isn't the easiest to imitate. she was one of a kind. i always wondered who could ever play her in a movie, and was never able to come up with anyone i deemed "good enough." however, after seeing these photographs, i have no doubts that michelle will be perfect.

i love everything that marilyn was, even the bad parts of her. i love her beauty, her story and even her tragic and mysterious death intrigues me. i have read several books about marilyn, researched the scandals and controversies between her and various public figures and tried to understand her tortured mind. she fascinates me. to me, it's not just about liking an icon from an earlier era, but about appreciating what a talented woman so desperately wanted to show the world. she wanted to be loved. she wanted to be successful. she wanted to be somebody. you were somebody, marilyn. you were somebody wonderful and talented. you were intriguing and amazing.
you were beautiful. 


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