Wednesday, December 28, 2011

it's been too long...

well. moving really puts you behind. and as i said in a conversation with some family over the holidays, once you stop blogging, it's hard to start again. like working out. or plucking your eyebrows. (no?) and then once you start again, where do you start? so. i'm sorry. you're just going to have to miss out on most of the stuff i've done in the past two months. i know you're devastated.

basically, kyle and i have just been trying to find our routine, which i still don't think is quite right. moving is a time-suck.
mall traffic madness
10 things we've done while i was on hiatus.
1. got our first christmas tree together. very sweet and exciting. i almost wish we could just keep it up all year. 
2. watched the entire series of seinfeld. you know, since we don't have cable.
3. experienced the woes of having a useless landlord. seriously, there's no way you've been to that many funerals, had that many sons in minor car accidents and had surgery all in one month. sorry. i'm not buying it. come fix my sink.
4. went to a hockey game, and i was really taken aback by the violence that is encouraged there. but we enjoyed the cheap beer.
5. decorated our new place.
6. shopped at jcrew. we have one at our mall now, so you can pretty much guarantee we will be better dressed. and broke.
7. went to our first real work party. well, kyle's work. my chance to get a new dress.
8. drank a lot of tea/coffee/hot chocolate.
9. went to panera bread to use the internet a lot. yeah, we don't have that either yet.
10. traveled back to west virginia for various visits. 

tree decorating
our first christmas ornament made together
office party
home for the holidays
vintage postcard. tambourine.
old map from wayne high school

in all seriousness, a lot of things have happened in the last couple of months, and it's been extremely hectic and a bit stressful. some of it has even given us very heavy boots, but i know everything will be ok, and aside from the bad, there has been a lot of good going on, too. being with your person is the most wonderful thing.

i hope once we get our internet hooked up in the house, i will get back into a more consistent blog routine. it's almost a new year. here's to new jokes, new posts, new goals, new memories and new love.