Thursday, September 15, 2011

fashion for fall: clothing

now it's time for wardrobe talk. here are some pieces, styles and combinations i'm excited to try this season. fall is coming, people. prepare your closets accordingly.

denim + lace
1. american eagle. 2. pinterest. 3. banana republic.
of course, denim is a must-have for all seasons. a medium to dark wash looks best on everyone, and really light washes should be reserved for summer. i really love the contrast of the strong, toughness of denim, and the light, frilliness of lace. it's sort of a "leather & lace" idea that's a bit more feminine, i think.  i don't necessarily love the skirt pictured above, but the combination of the pieces for the look make it go together. a good pair of jeans and a lace top like the one above, paired with a cardigan and scarf, could be adorable for fall.


1. madewell. 2. anthropologie. 3. madewell.

i am pretty obsessed with high-waisted things, and this season i'm hoping to get a pair of pants that are high-waisted. paired with a slimmer, tucked-in top, these pants are amazing. these can either be fun and 70's-ish, or sophisticated and tailored. either way, i love it.

shorts + tights

1, 2, 3. anthropologie. 4. pinterest.
i recently bought a pair of paperbag shorts from urban outfitters (high-waisted, of course) and am dying for the right time to wear them with some printed tights and boots. as i mentioned before, i have a little bit of a tights problem, too, so i'm sure that the navy color of the shorts can go with several pairs of tights i have. i'm thinking floral, mustard yellow or burgundy.

i wanted to show a few colors i'm excited about this season. fall isn't just about the colors of the changing leaves. it can be about a bright pop of color that's unexpected but perfect. here are some swoon-worthy shades.

orange & royal blue

1, 2. anthropologie. 3. jcrew. 4. anthropologie. 
not necessarily meant to be worn together (unless you're from tolsia. hey-oh!), these two shades are really catching my eye this year. yes, they definitely are complimentary on the color wheel, but usually i like to keep to one bright color per outfit. i'm in love with all of these pieces above, and although they are all out of my financial reach, i'm hoping to find some dupes of them. and by all means, wear them together if you wish. meanwhile, i'll be dreaming of what i'd look like in that orange number.

army green & emerald

1. pinterest. 2. anthropologie. 3. madewell.
army green has been around for several season, but this year, i feel like i've seen it everywhere. i think this season, it's not just limited to jackets and outerwear, but branched out to tops and dresses, too. also, a brighter shade of green, emerald, is popping up more. the other day, i was looking for something to wear and thought "i'm in the perfect mood to wear an emerald-colored dress." but alas, i do not own such a dress. so i'll start searching now and see what i can find. i'm also loving this green silk t-shirt by madewell. it comes in several awesome colors, as well, but i think that green would be perfect with my brown tweed blazer and a long gold necklace.

how to wear brown & black

1, 2, 3. pinterest.
a little more about colors, now, i wanted to show you how i think black and brown should be worn. i've found this to be what fits my fashion mood most of the time during fall (which might mean, i'm boring, but whatev), and it's easy to create. basically, you just need a black dress dress and brown boots. a belt or scarf isn't always necessary, but definitely adds to the look. my favorite of the three above is the middle one, because the boots that i have are very similar, and i think the more orange-toned brown stands out more against the black. how you shouldn't wear brown and black? a dark brown sweater with jeans and black flats. to me, this seems wrong, like in the 90's when you're mother told you that your shoes didn't match. today, i don't think you necessarily have to match, it just has to go, and the looks above definitely don't match, but they certainly go. see what i mean?

sequins + texture

1, 2, 3. pinterest.
this is possibly my favorite look of the season. i mean, i pretty much love sequins, so this is perfect for me. like the denim with lace look, the mixture of textures is so eye-catching and lovely, but totally appropriate for the cooler days & nights of fall.


i hope i'm giving you some good ideas for your fall wardrobe. i know i'm definitely enjoying writing about what i'm going to wear in the next few months — i'm getting so many ideas! tomorrow will be the last post for this little series, and i'm super excited about it.

enjoy these last few days of official summer. poor kyle is holding on for dear life.


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