Wednesday, September 7, 2011

return to savannah

i'm back! i'm sure you were on the edge of your seats waiting. sarcasmmmm. i hope you had a nice labor day weekend.

kyle and i just got back (yesterday) from our little trip to savannah, our old stomping ground for a hot second. i must say, i missed it. i wouldn't mind living there again, if we could live in a place big enough for more than half a person and have real jobs and have a closet that isn't two clothing rods from target set up in the same room as the refrigerator. yeah, that would be good.

for the trip down, we had a four-legged companion with us. his name is gabriel and we agreed to help out our friend brittany by transporting him to georgia. it just so happened that he needed to get to his new mom the same weekend we were planning our trip, so it worked out perfectly. he is a great dog, i was sad to see him go.

gabriel with his new mom, beth :)

while in savannah, we stayed with a couple of our friends, carlos & sarah. they know all about southern hospitality. :) before we went to their place, kyle and i creeped around our old apartment building and dropped off some letters to our old neighbor who wasn't at home. the building is still the same.

places we ate:

we had brunch at b matthew's on sunday morning, and that was always one of my favorite meals while we were living in savannah. brunch there is so amazing, and it's always difficult to choose what you want. i chose the ham, blueberry and brie croissant. and lots of coffee. delish.

kyle and i like to shop. but that doesn't necessarily mean we have to buy a lot of stuff, we just like looking around in places. we know we probably can't afford anything in banana republic, but it's fun to look and get ideas of what we like. maybe someone can get us a nice birthday gift or something if we know what we like. we just like to go see new things.

places we shopped:

i fell in love with this bag. one day i'll have the cashflow for this kind of purchase.

we didn't get to do all of the things we had planned, mostly because places were closed for labor day, but we got to do a lot of fun things that we had missed doing. there were even a couple of new places to check out, like the salt table, which is a really cool place with salt/spices/sugar/tea/vinegar/oil and you can taste or smell all the stuff they carry and decide what you like before you buy it. it was a lot of fun, plus i spotted season 8 project runway's april johnston there. pretty awesome. :) we scored these:

i'm so excited to start using these -- i just need to figure out what to cook that they would go with. any ideas?!

some other places we shopped were just places we don't have at home like urban outfitters and banana republic (didn't buy the $130 dress inspired by mad men, but i really wanted it). then there were the places that i've only seen in savannah, like this cool place called sylvester & co. where we got lime soap and coconut coffee and the owner gave us a free "dreamy iced coffee" which is basically iced coffee with simple syrup and half & half, but whatever. it was free and refreshing, and she was friendly.

the paris market is one of my favorite places in savannah, and one that i definitely miss going to. everything there is so unique and beautiful and fun, and there's no other store like it that i've seen. i really wanted these wine glasses, but had to pass them up. like the marc jacobs bag, one day i'll have the cash for things like this.

there's also this awesome vintage store called arc that we love to go to. i picked out a ring that kyle bought me for my birthday, but i have to wait until then to get it. it's so great, i can't wait for it. and i bought this awesome samsonite train case -- i have wanted one forever and this one is perfect. it's beat up, but that adds to its charm. the guy that owns the store also carries new stuff along with the vintage, so there was this line of hair products called baxter of california that, of course, kyle had to get. he also got this whiskey shave cream from a line called portland general store that smells exactly like whiskey and i'm obsessed with it. there's also one that smells like tobacco. i wish it was for women, and i might use it on my legs once to try it out. it's awesome. 

i was super pumped to go to papillote -- it's probably one of my favorite places ever. what i always order, le parisien, is delicious, i love the people who work there, i love the decor and i love the macaroons. so, yeah, i love it.

le parisien at papillote

kyle enjoying his stuffed tomatoes

we also hit up gallery espresso a couple of times for some expensive lattes and snobby baristas. they're artists, so obviously they're too tortured to speak or smile. whatever. they have good coffee and free wi-fi and nice tables for people watching.

i was being a total creep/sartorialist-wannabe because i loved this woman's shoes.

sarah and i also did our nails while the boys sat and talked and made fun of us, and one night we played apples to apples and drank wine and laughed a lot. :)

right before we left, kyle and i finally made it to kayak kafe for some lunch. this was one of our favorite spots in town when we lived there, so we wanted to go back. our waitress who always waited on us wasn't there, but she knew that we liked unsweetened tea and that i almost always got the roasted chicken quesadilla. that's how much we used to go there.

fried chicken tacos. yummm.

the weather was definitely as steamy as when we left it -- i'm glad we missed the steamiest of the days this summer. we had a good time on our little getaway -- it was definitely needed, that's for sure. kyle even left his computer at home, a small miracle in itself. but now it's back to job-searching and plan-making.

goodbye for now, savannah. 

here's to the last days of summer.



  1. I am forever grateful for you allowing Gabe to tag along :) I love the pic that has his and Kyle's profile shots. Too funny!

  2. i know! that picture was my favorite. and you are so welcome. seriously, we loved him tagging along -- we want a dog of our own now! lol