Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a week's worth of events

i'm finally back in tennessee after a week-long trip home. it wasn't originally supposed to be that long, but after my doctor called in sick (yes, i guess they can get sick, too), i had to reschedule my appointment and stay a few extra days. i got to spend some extra time with my family, though, so that's always nice. 

as soon as i got back to west virginia, kyle got really sick. so even though i felt bad about not being with him when he was sick, i was also glad i wasn't around all the germs. i'm not trying to get sick again. i've had enough of that this year already. but, little brady had a nice message for kyle.

brady wanted to tell kyle to feel better
 he also told me to tell kyle merry christmas. 
and as for the doctor…it was good news. the problems i was having over the summer are finally subsiding, it seems, and even though i'll have to go for check ups every so often, my tests came back looking better and i can go back to my semi-normal life. yay!

during the trip home, i was able to visit people, go to see my brother and his friends win the skit contest at the St. Joe Invitational, paint pottery with my brother and cousin, becca, and see the saddest movie (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) with my siblings. lots of fun.

kelli & fisher :)
pottery place with casey & becca :)
met taylor for starbucks
even though i was staying at my family's house, i still tried to keep up with running. however, the first day i ran while there, i thought i would die. it was so bitterly cold, i was in pain. apparently i didn't bring enough clothes to run in the west virginia weather, but it was not fun. i repeated day 2 of week 2 of the program, though, and it was a bit better the second time. i'm sure it was because it wasn't 20 degrees outside that time. 

day 1. so cold. almost froze to death.
day 2. way better.
i'm hoping to get back into my routine now that i'm back in tennessee, and i'm already looking forward to spring, while kyle is still holding onto christmas. there are pine needles everywhere because our poor tree is dead, and he bought a candle on sale that's called "home for christmas." this is my life. ;)


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