Friday, January 13, 2012

and i'll find strength in pain...

i'm on day three of the couch-to-5K. still going strong, but omg. so. sore. probably has something to do with me running three days a week, then doing turbofire on the other days. ouch. but whatev. i'm on a mission, beyotches. the holidays really throw you off your groove, i'll tell you that much.
when you're alone at a park, you can mouth the words to Mariah Carey songs shamelessly. 
on wednesday, i was sort of off, because i went to this park i was pointed to by one of kyle's co-workers. well, yeah it was beautiful, and it would be great if kyle was with me. but it was on top of a huge mountain, i was all alone (seriously. saw like 3 people the whole time i was there.) and the greenway was leading me into the woods. point of the story? i've watched too many episodes of law and order: svu to go running by myself. i'm not trying to get pulled into the woods by a mad man. so i just ran in the empty parking lot. still got the job done. then as soon as i got to my car when i finished, it started to rain. i got in the car and then came a huge, scary storm that i was sure was going to blow my little red jetta right off the mountain. so i got the heck out of there.

today, i needed to run again. but, winter finally decided to show her fugly face, and it was frigid outside oustide.
winter's fugly face aka frozen windshield
home dry erase illustration
so rather than freeze to death because i have yet to purchase a proper running jacket, or skip the run altogether, i decided to run in my house. you can imagine how ridiculous this looked, but i really didn't feel like leaving the house yet, so i improvised. our little house's layout makes a circle, so it was easy to make "laps." yes, it was super boring as far as scenery goes, but i did get to catch a glimpse at the tv as i passed through the living room each time. trade offs, i guess. i'll brave the cold some other day. promise.

running indoors today. probably made 100 laps around my house.
only nikes for us. sorry, other brands.
i'm not sure how much our little "workout jar" has collected yet, but i know that i have put in more than i actually had to. not like cheating, but when i was really sweaty i put in a dollar instead of 50 cents. one week closer to my lululemon jacket?! 

i'm hoping kjd and i get to see some good movies this weekend. and don't forget about the golden globes on sunday. there's a possibility pinterest might be inspiring some awards show snack options for us. hope you have a wonderful/warm weekend. :)



  1. i will probably have to run in our house tonight. not sure how that will work lol

    1. hahaha it would have worked if dad hadn't built me that closet. lol