Monday, January 16, 2012

food, fashion + the globes

well sunday came and went. we watched the golden globes and we (i) made way too much food and we ate way too much, but had fun so, it doesn't matter, right? right.

our dishes were...
pizza dip (kyle's mom's recipe)
baked sweet potatoes (in the oven for an hour. delish)
mulled cider

fruit salsa = crack (words from my wise sister.)
pretty much i wanted to vom after we ate so much. but it was all delicious and we had leftovers for today.

now about the golden globes themselves.
the fashion was pretty great. some favorites...

angelina jolie. i mean. seriously.
charlize theron. love the pale pink.
diane lane. freaking love this gold.
emma stone. i'm obsessed with her.
heidi klum. come. on.
jessica alba. gorgeous.
julianna margulies. i know it's a weird dress,
but i love the sleeves and the bright
earrings with the ponytail.
kate winslet. she does no wrong. love her.
kristen wiig. so chic in nude.
nicole kidman. a lot of people didn't like this dress,
but i love the hardware.
reese freaking witherspoon. get it, girl.
zooey deschanel. i loved the weirdness of this dress,
and her nails were painted with tuxedos,
so i just love her even more.
george clooney. ugh. so beautiful.
gerard butler. i love a good bowtie and some scruff.
and basically everything about gerard butler.
seth rogan. he's just too cute to leave out.
my glee peeps were also looking rather wonderful...

amber riley. gorgeous in red.
chris colfer. adorbs.
dianna agron. i died.
lea michelle. died again.
mark salling. seriously.
naya rivera. so freaking beautiful.
although i did like most of the fashion, i wasn't as satisfied with the chosen winners. i know that there are always a lot of people who deserve it (blah blah blah), but i like for people the win when i want them to. just like sports fans like their teams to win. but whatever.

my favorite wins of the night were…
Kate Winslet for Mildred Pierce — Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie
Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris — Best Screenplay
Octavia Spencer for The Help — Best Supporting Actress

Octavia was probably my favorite speech of the night. she deserved it so much, and i was so happy she won. 

i am rather disappointed about the winner of Best Picture, though. i loved The Descendants and i will love George Clooney forever. but…The Help deserved that one. the end.

i also really wish Zooey Deschanel would have won for New Girl or Amy Pohler for Parks and Recreation for Best Actress in a TV Musical or Comedy. they are two of my favessss.

also, these ladies are some of my newest favorites to watch…

Jessica Chastain
Shailene Woodley
Melissa McCarthy
and as for Ricky Gervais…i think he is super funny, but i wasn't as impressed with his jokes this year. i was more tickled over Madonna's joke to him about her being "just like a virgin." and the fact that Elton John was so pissed he didn't win after making a joke about Madonna not having "a f***ing chance" that it ruined his whole night. too funny. anyway. 

i'm already getting excited for the big show with Oscar and all his friends. should be another fun show with even more food and fashion. fun!

and since we gorged ourselves last night, i definitely couldn't skip my run today. i went back to fountain city park for week 2 day 1 of the couch to 5K program. it was cold, but not paralyzing. and i walked a lot before finishing my run because my sister called and we had a nice chat/gossip session. i don't know if i should skip two days in a row of running, though, because today seemed more difficult. we'll see. i have an hour of turbofire on the schedule for tomorrow, so i'm sure i'll want to die by wednesday.

chocolate milk fix after running
i'll be back in WV for a few days this week for a couple of appointments, so keep me in your thoughts. hopefully i can get some stuff sorted out. and possibly have some starbucks with you. call me!


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