Thursday, January 5, 2012

just some things

i don't really have a specific thing to write about, which i usually like to have, but whatever. here's a bunch of things going on.

cooking with gp: forgotten?
no. i didn't forget about my dearest gwyneth. i have still been cooking with her book, and although there have been a couple of things that aren't my favorite, basically everything i've made up until this point have been great and i have made them enough now to know what ingredients i need without looking at the book. plus — our dear friend, chris, got us a new cookbook for christmas! It's "A New Turn in the South" by Hugh Acheson, and i'm super excited to try out some new things in it. while mostly everything in qwyneth's book makes her my tastebud twin, some of hugh's recipes sort of scare me. but in a good way. i'm excited to try new things. i mean, it is a new year afterall.

one of my new fitness adventures is going to be the couch to 5k plan. i'm still doing turbofire, which is not a joke by any means, but i don't want to get bored. and i've always been sort of curious about running. i really hate running, actually, but there's something about people who run. i doubt i'll ever be a "get up at 5 am before work and run 3 miles" kinda girl, but this is supposed to work you up slowly to be able to run a 5k. and kyle said he's signing us up for a real one, so we are both bound to this, i guess. i'll let you know how this goes. i might die before i get to post again, so don't hold your breath.

things i'm obsessed with right now
because kyle's nice and used a groupon to subscribe me back to my favorite magazine, NYLONyippee! so now, i'm back to flipping through glossies and checking out new trends i love. here's one i love.
ombre lips. yes.
i'm also loving this 60s look on dianna agron from glee on nylon's january cover. i loved it so much i created it on myself.


then i tweeted about it an nylon tweeted me back and i freaked out like a teenager.


bad news
just found out my lifelong celebrity crush is engaged. my 13 year old self just died a little. 
i hope everyone's first week of 2012 is going well. and in some final news, this handsome man is still holding my hand every day.


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