Monday, January 9, 2012

check and check

crossing some things off the "2012 goals" list today.
start running: check
sweaty but going to panera in my running clothes anyway. whatevs.
kyle, my sister and i are starting the "couch to 5K" plan, where you basically work your way up to be able to run a 5K in 8 weeks, 3 times a week. pretty exciting, considering i'm the world's worst runner. seriously. i think i got out at 1st base every time in softball because i just couldn't get there fast enough...that and i didn't care so much about playing as i did talking to brooke in the dugout about who's taking who to the next dance. #girlfriendwearspinktennies but just like in 7th grade, being fast isn't the point now, either. we downloaded the app onto our phones, which makes everything super simple. a little voice (a recorded one on the app, not the one in your head) comes on with a timer and says "start walking" or "start running." pretty easy to follow. my sister is ahead of us because she started last week, but today is our first day. i ran this morning and kyle is running this evening. mine went pretty well, but the intervals move up pretty fast so i might want to kill myself my the end of the week. we'll see.
update my blog: check
i'm not sure if i'm totally sold on the new banner and such, but i think it's a nice update for now. i would love to have someone design it for me/kyle help me make it look super cool, but we'll see. what do you think? love it or hate it or just don't care?
drink more water: kinda check
i've been trying to drink my 8 glasses a day, but so far i've hit about 6 every day for the past week. what is it about that last 2 glasses? so silly. but i promise, you can tell so much about your skin, and everything else, when you drink more water. try it.
create more: kinda check
for a little added motivation, i made this little "workout jar" using a mason jar, old urban outfitters catalogs, a black sharpie, and bright blue cardstock. each time kyle or i complete a workout, we'll put in 50 cents. then when we get a good amount saved — $20, $50, $100 — we'll reward ourselves with shopping or a fancy meal or something fun. it wasn't a particularly elaborate creative project, but it was fun and still counts as creating.
this week i hope to plan some new projects and write a lot. here's to new things.


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