Friday, August 26, 2011

cooking with gp: part four

tuesday night, i made a couple things from dear gwyneth's book. first was the panzanella salad with roasted peppers, tomatoes and basil. i used some leftover multi-grain french bread to make the crouton-like bread pieces. i got them a little too brown, so next time i know to watch them more closely while they are in the oven. i also added some slow-roasted tomatoes to the mix because i didn't have enough peppers. i topped some baby spinach with this mixture of bread and veggies and topped it with some balsamic & lime vinaigrette that i'm obsesed with. so delicious.

i also made gp's chicken milanese. the pieces of chicken we had were huge after i pounded them out with a mallot (btw. loudest sound ever.), but somehow there was only a half of a piece left over. the chicken was super simple and tasty with the salad. i didn't go exactly by one of gwyneth's four ways to serve this chicken, but i think part of this is to use what you like and what you have, which is what i did. i used the panzanella as my way to serve it, and it was pretty great. i was actually sad when the salad mixture was gone.

my little cousin kaitlyn came by to hang out and she helped me with the chicken. i made her a little assembly line -- plate of chicken, bowl of milk, plate of bread crumbs, clean plate -- so she just had to follow the line and get the chicken ready for cooking. she was a great help. :)

this recipe was light and tasty for my family, and i really wanted the salad the next day for lunch, but it was gone. i think i'll make it again soon and keep the vegetables and croutons in the fridge to eat for lunch throughout the week. the vinaigrette recipe i used from the book is so freaking good, too. i've been making double batches of it and keeping it in the fridge so i can have it whenever i want. i never want another kind of dressing again. balsamic & lime forever.

i'm still enjoying cooking. although, my mother is relying more and more heavily on me to cook. when did we switch roles?! ;)


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