Wednesday, August 17, 2011

cooking with gp: part one

i'm in rare form today.

i woke up fairly early, had breakfast and my meds i'm on for this crazy spine thing, then actually started doing stuff, rather than wallow in my bed because i'm freaked out about "doing too much."

i caught up on reading some blogs i love, cleaned up the kitchen and the bathroom a bit, read a bunch of stuff about food i don't know how to make, made a list, worked on my article for sweet lemon mag (watch for updates!), took a shower and made myself some lunch. look at me, being (kind of) an adult.

anyway -- the point of this whole post is to talk about food, so let's get to it. it could be because i've had to spend way too much time at home, but i have really wanted to cook. like, a lot. it's good i want to learn to cook now, seeing as how i set off the smoke alarm in our savannah apartment every other day. oops.

a few weeks ago, my dear friend brooke showed me her new fave cookbook, gwyneth paltrow's "my father's daughter," and of course, i fell in love with it, too. i scored it at border's going out of business sale and now all i want to do is make every single thing in it. literally. even stuff i normally wouldn't want, like fish tacos. i want to make them anyway. i mean, look at them.

last night, i made gwyneth's (first name basis because we're bffs) "seasonal crumble" using some blackberries and raspberries. delishhhh. kyle and my little brother, casey, loved it. my brother's words were "kayla, i want to eat this forever." it's warm and gooey and crumbly and not too sweet or heavy, and it's perfect with a scoop of no-added-sugar vanilla ice cream. the thing is -- berries are expensive and this girl doesn't have much cash flow. so i opted for frozen berries. so of course, if this thing was delicious with frozen berries, just imagine how good it would be with fresh ones! i especially like these recipes because for the most part, they are really healthy, and since, according to my doctor, i can't really do any extreme working out for a while, it's important that i continue to eat very healthy stuff. i'm not going to be burning 600-800 calories doing turbofire for a while, so whatever i eat needs to be great for me — and so far, all of these look good for me and delicious.

it tasted so good i almost had it for breakfast this morning. but i didn't even though i wanted to. tonight, i'm going to try out gwyneth's tomato soup and turkey blt's for dinner. eek! so excited. i'm hoping to convert my family to turkey bacon instead of pork. we'll see. i'll post pictures with the results of my newest culinary adventures. i'm not sure i should even be allowed to use the word culinary since i'm so bad in the kitchen. hopefully i don't set off any smoke alarms.


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