Sunday, August 28, 2011

when life gives you lemons...

so i said i would give an update on the sweet lemon mag stuff, so here it is.

i wrote my article about how to do your own hair, makeup and nails on the cheap, and also took photos of three of my peeps to go along with the step-by-steps.

i don't want to give too much away, but i will post some sneak preview shots of the tutorials...

makeup & coffee


haley jo

haley jo & coffee


i loved writing this article. not just because it was about something i love, but because i got to write again. i also had a lot of freedom to do what i wanted with it, following just a few guidelines. plus, i was able to include some of my favorite people in the photos. so if carly and paris (the girls starting the magazine) decide to use them, they will be featured in the magazine, too, which is really double exciting. our media packet (yeah, i have a media packet) says the pilot issue will launch on september 15. so it's soon! i'm so excited/nervous/hopeful for this new publication. this could be my start. this could be something really great. i really hope so.

i'll keep you posted about the launch.


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