Thursday, August 25, 2011

pistol annies + recent purchases

if you remember my last post about the pistol annies, you know i was already obsessed with them before their debut album was even released. well, it came out tuesday, i bought it immediately with kyle's itunes card her got from the coinstar machine (who knew you could even do that?!) and i've pretty much only listened to them for two days, and i don't plan on switching anytime soon. why are they so great, you ask? well...

1. their sound is true country music and i love it.
2. number two is called "lemon drop." i mean, really? how much more perfect for me can you get?
3. it's miranda freaking lambert and the other two girls, ashley monroe and angaleena presley, have incredible voices, too, it's almost too much greatness for one band.
4. their songs talk about real life things and the music they are creating is sad, witty, devastating, beautiful and true.

my friend chris told me once that he loves it when you get an album and the single that you already loved that was released prior to the album ends up not even being the greatest song on the album. this is so true for this album -- "hell on heels" is so great, but then i got the whole album and every single song is just as good or better. it's so freaking great.

some of my favorite lyrics:
"my life is like a lemon drop, i'm suckin' on the bitter to get to the sweet part. i know there are better days ahead." -- lemon drop
"now everyone in this place knows i didn't wait, 'cause i was wearin' beige." -- beige
"the first time i felt it, i was only 16, and he kissed me underneath the chinaberry tree." -- boys from the south

also the song "housewife's prayer" is so beautiful and heartbreaking. it is written from the point of view of a housewife who is at her wit's end and looking for a way out. i'm not sure why i'm so drawn to sad songs, but i really do love them, and the voices of these annies are beautifully haunting and perfect for these type of dark songs.

if you like miranda lambert or great country music or just great music period, you should really check out this album. seriously.


i also wanted to discuss some of my new favorite purchases. even though i'm poor, i bought a few things on the cheap at target this week. and i love them all.

1. awesome blue nail polish
i bought this and completely underestimated the crazy-awesomeness of it. i almost splurged (for me) and bought a bottle of essie nail polish that was this exact color -- seriously, like the exact shade -- then found this bottle of $3 revlon brand and bought it instead. it's called "first class" and it is amazing. plus it's the super fast drying kind. they were smooth and dry in no time. the color is this weird bright blue that i think is perfect for this last stretch of summer.

2. brown leather strappy heels
the only reason i was even in the shoe section at target was because my sister asked me to pick up these rainboots for her. and then i saw that there were a ton of cute shoes on clearance. i saw these and thought "oh those are cute," then saw the price and thought "OMG THOSE ARE SO CUTE." are you ready for this? $7.48. seriously. i have no other words.

3. boots bath stuff
i am obsessed with boots brand. my friend kristin bought me their cleansing milk a few years ago for christmas and i love it. it smells so fresh and makes my face feel super soft. i bought their lemon body wash and lavender & rosemary body lotion this week and they both smell wonderful. neither smell is too flowery or sweet -- just fresh. i love it.

i have several posts lined up, so keep checking back. there's so much going on and i'm excited to tell you all about it.


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