Monday, April 16, 2012

remember what i said?

i haven't forgotten about my goals for 2012, just in case you were wondering.

i think i'm doing pretty well for it to be halfway through april.

i am living healthier. 
i am working on a garden.
i started running, even though i totally suck.
i have been writing more letters and sending snail mail more often.
i'm working on paying off my credit cards, even though it's going to take a while. 
i updated my blog, but i'm still debating on that.
i don't think i've read a book a week, but i've read 7 books since january, so that's pretty good.
i drink more water.
and i'm trying to pray and read more. kyle has been getting up earlier to read the bible, so maybe that's what i need to do. 

as for the other goals, i'll get to them. i haven't abandoned my hopes for this year, and i intend to keep going, even if i fail.

a new goal: lose 15 more pounds by vacation time. it's 10 weeks away, so i think that's doable. i think i've finally got back into a good workout routine, so here we go. and even if i don't make it to 15 down, i'll feel better knowing i worked really hard up until beach time. 

also, i'm less than 100 views away from 10,000 views here. it only took about two years to do it, but yay! that's exciting, no? i wish it was more, but oh well. yay anyway!

dinner one night this week? found here.


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  1. "Yay anyway" I think that should be a motto for many people!

    1. haha agreed! maybe we should make some tshirts?! lol

  2. I completely forgot about your beautiful blog! I can't wait to share it with my followers! You're so cute AND I have complete confidence you can get to your goal! You've been working so hard!