Wednesday, April 11, 2012

in love with

just a few things i'm loving right now. 

1. a beautiful mess.
i've probably talked about this before, but whatev. elsie larson is the creator of this blog and it is basically what i want my life to be. creating awesome things myself, writing about it and posting it on my adorable blog. and that's my job. like i do that as part of my career. i hope i can make this happen somehow. one day.

2. glamping
my dear friend chris osborne tweeted me this link to an awesome site of glammed up camping gear. i've never been camping, but when i do go, you can bet your fur-lined sleeping bag that this is how i'll be doing it. for sure. a lot of these items would be super awesome for beach trips, too. 

3. vintage suits
speaking of the beach, i need a new bathing suit. shopping for such things make most women break out into a sweat/hives, only to later sulk home hating themselves. and i'm no exception. what is it about those harsh lights and wonky mirrors in dressing rooms that make you look like a pale, fat, zombie lady? it's a nightmare. anyway, i'm in love with a few adorable (expensive) vintage-style suits from anthropologie, and i'm hoping to splurge before my family's beach trip in june. maybe kyle could buy the top and i'll buy the bottom? 

4. "boyfriend," by justin bieber
yes, that justin bieber. this song is so timberlake. and since i've given up on my number once celebcrush of ever making another album or leaving that skank jessica biel (jk. kinda.), this jam might be the next best thing. yes he started out as some awkward tween that middle school girls fell all over, but so did JT. i think the biebs might have something real going for him. 

5. the caviar manicure
this mani was all over runways during fashion week, and i've read several diy's about it. however, sephora will make it easier for me to try it out when they release their caviar manicure kits this month. oh yes. and the best part about this little bit of information is that kyle actually told me about it. way to stay on top of nail trends, dyer. 

that's about it. i'm still technically unemployed and definitely poor. but somehow the sunshine and leftover easter candy seem to keep me in an ok mood. 



  1. "You can bet your fur-lined sleeping bag" really cracked me up. (Alternatively, as Will would say, "cracked my head right off." Either/or.) Also, if you bring any of that gear to the beach, I'm not sitting with anyone else. End of story.

    And bathing suits. There is nothing more demoralizing. I don't know a single woman who enjoys bathing suit trying-on and/or buying. I thought that I would circumvent the agony this year and ordered a few online only to discover that the color was way off and totally unacceptable. (FYI, J Crew's "shallow sea" is mint green, NOT a pale blue like my computer monitor led me to believe.) So then there was the whole returns process which was a pain in the ass. So you really can't win, bathing suit-wise.

    Anyhoo, this is turning into quite the novel. It was good to see you guys this past weekend. Looking forward to beach time so maybe we can have an actual conversation instead of snippets here and there while at parties and other crazy family events...



    1. Will is my favorite person ever. lol I'm really wanting to buy some cool stuff from that site for the beach, but it's all in euros which means it's basically twice as many US dollars, so we'll see. lol Bathing suits really are the most horrible thing. I mean, wtf? Nonetheless, I can't wait for the beach, either, whether I'm wearing a cool suit or not. I'm sure Kyle and Will will be BFs again. ;)


    2. or pounds. not euros. i'm retarded.