Saturday, April 14, 2012


weekending: to be participating in the activities generally associated with the weekend. Such activities include going out with friends, watching television, procrastinating from unpleasant tasks, etc.

this is the first weekend Kyle and i have had to just have a weekend in over a month. seriously. he checked his calendar. five weeks ago was the last time we had a normal weekend. and as much as we love visiting home and doing all the fun things that life includes when you have large families and good friends, sometimes it's just nice to just do what you want with your person. 
last night we set out to see "Titanic" in 3D, but ended up going home to watch two episodes of "Mad Men" and lay around after we had too much mexican food and coffee. 

then this morning, we slept in until about 10 (or at least i did, even though i actually woke up at 8, but forced myself to stay in bed, but then let kyle stay there while i cooked), and i made breakfast. we ate and watched the safari screensaver on our Apple TV, because we only have about 10 channels and there was nothing on, so we figured we might as well watch photos of exotic animals we've never seen. sounds pretty pathetic now that i type it out, but really, we were content. 

i went to the park to run. i actually only ran about half of the time i was there, but the other half i was dodging the 2917912710 people that were there and don't know how to sidestep out of the way of someone trying to run (what is that?!). then my sister called, so i just walked for a while longer then headed home. i got dressed and we headed downtown. we had sandwiches that were too expensive for lunch, then i went to my hair appointment at Lox Salon. new favorite place. finally some cool people in this town! and my hair looks pretty awesome. thanks, Brynn!

Kyle has to do some things for work, so we're at MCG now, and later we'll finally see "Titanic." Rose and Jack on the big screen once more! can't wait. and for the record, i don't give two icebergs about 3D, i'm just excited to see it on a huge screen again and relive seeing it for the first time when i was 9 years old. 

even though we aren't doing anything grand or crazy, weekending with Kyle is one of my favorite things. we just do what we want, and don't rush anything. it's the weekend. relax. 

i hope you're weekend is shaping up nicely, as well. do something fun. i'll be crying into my popcorn later. yay!


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