Wednesday, April 18, 2012

things that are cool
this awesome company offers the coolest spectacle frames. and what's even better is, until april 27th, they're giving you your first pair free with the code on the homepage. i got mine a few weeks ago and with shipping and handling (which you still have to pay), my awesome glasses were only about $14. i love them! the only problem is choosing which frames to order because there are so many great ones. mine are nerdy and hipsterish and grandma-chic. perfect. everyone should take advantage of this offer. plus, they are fun to follow on instagram. @coastaldotcom

daily essentials

the hairdresser used this on me last weekend when i got my hair cut, and i loved it. i bought some in the salon. $20. that is way more than i ever spend on hair stuff (and apparently it's way cheaper on amazon, but whatev), but i just had to have it. it's sort of like dry shampoo, but not. it gives your hair lift like you've teased the crap out of it. you just sprinkle it into your roots, then sort of rub it in, and bam. big hair. 

it's finally open again, people. i won't ramble on about how great it is, because i mean, of course it's great. you get to buy a wand, get sorted and everything. just check it out. seriously. and add me. AccioProphecy8133. (i didn't pick that, they give you options for usernames and that was the best one out of the lot.)

kyle listens to this podcast a lot, and i've got into it lately. i like listening to it while i'm doing other things, like cleaning or writing this blog. each episode has a theme and allows different people to tell their stories according to the theme. some of hilarious. some are devastating. it's great. 

hope everyone is having a good week. april's half over. how did that happen? and i'm supposed to be running my first 5K next weekend. eek! i'll keep you updated. 



  1. so, i just got sucked into a black hole of your blog. anyway... steven listens to this american life all the time too. i think our two men are very similar, i wish they could hang out.

    1. i JUST saw this. ugh. i wish they could hang out, too! preferably with us on the beach with beer. ;) miss you, lady!