Monday, February 28, 2011

the superfriends

what is a superfriend?

is a term a group of my closest peeps and i have created for ourselves.

i have several close friends i can call my best, but this particular group of friends are just weird enough to indulge in such self-naming.

it all started with the iphone's group texting feature. yes, we are indeed apple nerds. once we discovered this amazing invention of chatroom-like texting, we quickly became obsessed and pretty soon it turned into us knowing each other's every move throughout any given day. chris sends pics of run-down houses he's fixing up. hanna shows us the story she's working on at wsaz. jenn and andy chime in with random dirty jokes and kristin -- she's usually asleep. ;) jk. kinda. we even send each other pics of what we are eating. we. are. weird.

sometimes it's annoying when my phone is constantly buzz-buzzing at all hours of the day/night, but that's when you just turn it off. and then you wake up to 147 texts. literally. i won't even tell you how many texts we all send a month now. it's enough that we have to go through and delete some before our phones explode.

anyway -- the point of all this is that i love these people. i love that they're crazy and they accept my craziness. i love that we laugh at each other and don't take offense. i love that we teach each other things and get each other through tough times. i love that we are all so different, but essentially, the same.

three members of the superfriends got to come visit kyle and i over the weekend, and i wish now more than ever that we all lived in the same city, preferably in the same building across the hall from each other and that we had a favorite coffee shop named central perk we can all go to when we are sick of sitting in each other's apartments.

i don't just want this for the superfriends, but all my friends. no, that's never going to happen, because in my real life, there are two monicas and chandlers about to get married, phoebe hasn't written "smelly cat" yet, ross and rachel are still just dating, and there are quite a few joeys still looking for jobs.

friends are so important to me, superfriend or not. i have so many wonderful friends, more wonderful than i probably deserve, and being with some of them this past weekend really made me realize how badly i want us all to be in each others' lives. always.


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