Thursday, March 3, 2011

some quick lists

i have a lot to say, but not enough time (or energy) to write about everything. so i figured a few little lists would be nice, and an easy way to just give you a quick way to let you know what's on my mind.

five places i miss in west virginia
- chili willies
- wayne
- pullman square starbucks
- the sunroom at my parents' house, with my friends, holding cups of coffee
- sitting in my sister's room talking to her and my brother

five things i love right now
- cherry coke zero
- orange nail polish
- silent hugs
- leggings with everything
- frozen chocolate chips

six ways to get through kyle's last quarter at scad
- coffee
- lots of lists
- patience (i'm working on it)
- naps
- awesome 90s country music playlists
- quick breaks for hugs and jokes

three movies i want to see
- blue valentine
- rabbit hole
- the fighter

there's definitely a lot going on right now and a lot i want to say, but these things will have to wait. i hope to write more soon.



  1. love your honesty in this. and for the record, the one time i went to wv, i fell head over heels: your state is GORGEOUS, m'dear.

  2. thanks so much, ashlyn! :) i do love my state. my cousin haley is going to be doing what you're doing soon -- she was the president at wesleyan when you visited. :)