Tuesday, February 8, 2011

more decorating

so kyle and i worked on some more decorating. just adding here and there. we actually did this a few weeks ago, but i'm just now posting it.

i made these embroidery hoop decorations months ago before i even moved here, and now, finally, here they are. :)

kyle hung up our letters and some other things above our mantel. we rearranged some things up there, too. looks quite nice. :)

i hung up my K and Q letters from anthropologie on my side of the bed above my jewelry.

i also bought these hooks at urban outfitters when my dad and sister were visiting. they were on clearance and i loved the blue color and how nice they look up against our bare white walls. however, i didn't measure properly so they are uneven, and the nails aren't big enough so they fall off the wall if you try to hang more than a tshirt. so we're gonna have to work on those.

kyle put up the other four corkboards above mine, and added some stuff of his own, including pictures of meeee. :)

i'm sure you've seen these little creatures in previous pictures, but i found my other little owl that my sister got me, and added him to the bunch. :)

i moved my vases to the bookshelf, along with the wooden flower pencil my aunt got me. this isn't a very good picture to see all three items, but you get the idea.
and last but not least, kyle put up a few things above his computer. two prints he made in printmaking class (so fun) and a framed album cover of frank sinatra. the print at the top is of a repeating image of his grandmother, and the other one is a big weird eyeball thing that someone else designed, but he used as practice in class for printing. i'll post my valentine he made me when it comes back after being graded. :)
that's it for the decorating now. it's not the most riveting stuff to read about, but i like to share the evolution of my new residence.


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