Saturday, February 5, 2011


on wednesday, the weather was pretty near perfect. not too hot, not too cold, sunny. after spending most of the morning inside, i finally made my way out into the beautiful weather for a short walk and a long read. kyle was at school, so i packed some snacks, a book, a blanket and a pillow, and put my headphones in for some mumford and sons. there's a park literally across the street from our apartment, so i walked over until i found the perfect tree to sit under. i stayed for a couple of hours, reading, snacking and people watching. it was just what i needed, i think. sometimes, you just need to spend some time alone...

...and then sometimes, you need to be with the ones you love.

kyle and i miss a lot of people lately (all the time, really). we're both praying for a time we can be with all of you, always.


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