Wednesday, February 9, 2011

love love love, i want your love

during this time of year, you can be one of two ways.
one -- you can be one of those people who hate red, pink and all things about valentine's day. you hate even going to target because all the pink makes your eyes bleed, and who the hell even made up this dumb holiday? or...
two -- you can celebrate love. all forms of it. because that's what this is really all about.
as you can tell, i am the number two kind of person. i love valentine's day, but not just because i'm in love with a wonderful man. for me, valentine's day is just a time to celebrate all the love in my life. there's sibling love, parental love, baby cousin love, best friend love, new friend love, family love -- it goes on. it's just a time to stop and recognize how much people mean to you -- and show them, no matter who it is.


here are some things i did to show people i love them. i made this "countdown to the oscars" advent calendar for kyle. each little envelope counts down to the big day and has an academy awards trivia question inside. all those orange post its are kyle's school work -- the calendar is the garland that's hanging above. ha!
i made this little mustache valentine for someone special -- don't want to tell yet so it doesn't ruin the surprise! ;)
i bought these little owls and peace hearts for my sister and i -- i gave her some when she was in town a couple weeks ago.

like i said, valentine's day is about showing and sharing love with everyone around you. it's not just about the hallmark cards and heart-shaped necklaces. bake something for your family. write a nice note and hang it on the fridge. make valentines for your friends. and if you're single on this seemingly "couples" holiday -- so what? do what i do. celebrate all your love.

"love actually is all around."


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