Tuesday, January 4, 2011


well, i did it. i moved out of my childhood home.

i don't know that i have enough real energy to type out my rollercoaster of emotions about this, but in a nutshell -- i'm way excited and way sad all at the same time. it's the weirdest thing having to pack up your entire life into boxes and get in your car and drive away. but at the same time, how exciting is it that i took this step AND get to live with the one and only kjd??

we won't be here for long, but it is a big transitional space for us. when he is finished with school, we will be going somewhere new. where? who knows?! and that's kind of exciting, too. slash scary. and i miss everyone back home, too -- my brother and sister most of all.

i'm still getting used to this new place of mine, but really enjoying it. i've never been happier unpacking my things and listening to the beatles on the record player. wish us luck and send up a prayer.


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