Wednesday, January 19, 2011


last weekend, my mother, brother and kyle's mother came to visit us in savannah. they all crashed here in our teeny apartment, and it was a lot of fun. :) kyle's mom, ruby, has been here before, but none of my family has, so we showed them around everywhere, did some shopping, went to tybee island and ate good food. it was really good to see family, and it made me look even more forward to more visitors. here are some pictures from their visit. :)


while my family was here, kyle and i received our first package labeled for the both of us at our new place. it was a wonderful surprise from none other than christopher osborne. socks and "australia" for kyle and a TAMBOURINE for me! i was so beyond excited when we opened that box. i've been talking about getting a tambourine forever -- i mean, didn't i mention it in my last post?? i was overwhelmed by how sweet chris was to send those things to us (along with a wonderful note) and it just showed me even more that our friendship is very real. thanks again, chris. :)


everything's pretty good down south. i drove with the windows down today, if you can believe it. and i'm getting excited for more visitors. :)


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