Thursday, December 23, 2010

greenbrier and sewing

well i'm going to try to keep my promises to you (whoever "you" are) and post some cool stuff. :)

first of all, let's talk about my trip to the greenbrier with kyle a couple of weeks ago. this was my graduation gift from the one and only kjd. :) in a word, it was perfect. we were only there for one night, because let's be serious, we are students with no real jobs or real money. if we find 5 extra dollars somewhere we head for starbucks. but after finding a good deal on a room for one night, we were pumped to go - especially with all the pretty snow boosting our holiday spirits. we shopped a bit, had dinner and breakfast at draper's (fabulous), went ice skating and tried our hand at gambling. we only lost 10 dollars of the 20 we blew in that casino, and had a 10 p.m. champagne toast for good luck and happiness. the ice skating was probably my favorite part. i am not very good at ice skating, to say the least, but it was still very fun and quite romantic. after skating, there was a fire pit and hot chocolate for warming up. everything was pretty much perfection, and i can't wait until we can go back.


for christmas this year, i've handmade a lot of gifts. i am still working on some of them and christmas is in two days! but i'm pretty happy with how everything has turned out so far. here are a couple of necklaces i've made for my friends and family. they have already received these, so it's ok if i post them. i'll be posting some of these to my etsy very soon, because god knows it needs an update. enjoy.

my life right now is hectic/exciting/overwhelming and i can't believe how blessed i am in spite of all the craziness.

i hope you'll keep reading.


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  1. love those photos! get to savannah already so we can start having fun : )
    --sarah j.