Monday, January 24, 2011


i spent most of sunday making craft-things for the apartment. on my saturday evening internet surfing, i found some really good blogs and things with crafts and sewing. it put me in a mood, so i decided the next day would be full of fabric and projects. kyle left to go to school to work on projects, and i sat perched on the couch watching food network and making paper flowers. sort of sounds silly, but it was a good day. :) also, did i mention i tried p90x for the first time and almost died? and that was just the yoga. i can't walk very well today. anyway....

then this evening, kyle had to go to school again to work on his project, so i finished up some decorating around the apartment. we still had some things laying around, so i worked on getting stuff up on the walls and out of the floor. here's some new additions to our plain walls.


these are my cork boards i had brought from home with cards and things from people i love. most of them are from kyle, but a few are from my sister and other random people. i have about 3957298471 other letters from kyle that i used to also include on this board when it was in my room at home, but kyle said that was weird so i just put up cards. he isn't home yet, so we'll see if he's against the handmade valentines from him....

here is one of the things i made to hang up -- a felt heart garland. i used heather grey felt and bright yellow string. i hung them along the doorway to our "weird room" in the apartment. it's called the "weird room" because it's not really any sort of room -- not a dining room or office or anything. it just has random crap in it, like my clothes and bookshelves and the refrigerator. soooo it's weird.

i've had these postcards of marilyn monroe for a long time, and never done anything with them -- until today. i made a sort of display/shrine above our $16 bookshelf in the living room. i love her and i'll love looking at her every day. think i'm weird? that's ok. :)

these are some more postcards i have had forever -- julia roberts, richard gere and audrey hepburn. i used to have one of leonardo dicaprio, but i gave it to one of my best friends, candice, for her as her birthday card. :)

here are the paper flowers i was talking about. they're probably my new favorite thing to make. i made this garland for our fake fireplace using tissue paper i had saved from presents kyle has given me.

i also made these for one of the windows in the living room. it definitely added some much-needed happiness to our sad windows. i also used saved tissue paper for these. and kyle doesn't seem to mind these "feminine touches" too much, so until he says stop, i'm going to keep going. and i do try to keep things balanced. nothing's pink or sparkly, for heaven's sake.

and last but not least for the two day craft extravaganza -- this little embroidered felt christmas tree for kjd himself. his heart is always wishing christmas back to us, no matter what month it is. he's still listening to christmas tunes in his car and we just watched "white christmas" last night. i made this while we watched, and it was finished just before the last scene of the movie. i told him he could keep it on his end-table or in his backpack to always be reminded of his favorite time of year. it's always christmas in your heart, kjd.


that's it for my handmade madness for now. i do love projects -- they keep me creative and relax me when so much chaos is going on around me. or perhaps they actually distract me -- either way, they ease the stress life brings sometimes.


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