Thursday, January 6, 2011

getting settled

we have most of our things put in their proper places, aside from a few loose ends -- like where to put all of my sewing stuff -- but i think everything is coming along nicely. we bought a really ugly bookshelf for $16 at target, and a few organizational things to help give everything a place.

here's a look at our place.

it's basically your standard place, but i do love all the natural light we have. and hardwood floors! :) i told kyle we have to get curtains, too...seriously.


it's still weird not living in the house i have lived in for the past 20 years, but at the same time it's nice to be able to spread out my things into different places, rather than hoarding them up in one small room.

things that make me sure about this move:
- not having to miss kyle because he's 600 miles away
- the awesome movie theaters
- we're 20 minutes from a beach
- being able to buy a bookshelf (even if it is ugly and $16) and not have to worry about whether there will be room
- the feeling of accomplishment and love when i make kyle breakfast without burning the house down
- kyle's unwavering understanding when i want to spend an hour on the phone with my dad, then another hour on video chat with my siblings and mom

things that make me miss home:
- my west virginia necklace
- watching the news here and not seeing familiar faces
- the boxes i packed my stuff in that still have address labels on them that say "2526 5th Street Road"


i don't care what anyone says, moving away is hard. but we're happy and i'm excited for what's ahead.



  1. these pictures are great. you've really made your alls apartment very cute and very "KAYLA AND KYLE"-like. love and miss you.