Saturday, January 29, 2011

video chat junkie

since i've moved away, video chats have become essential. it's easier than talking on the phone (especially with our crappy service in the apartment) and you get to see each other. no, it's not as good as physically being there, but it's the next best thing when you're far from home.
it's always fun talking to my family. my sister usually is making weird faces so i'll laugh, or maybe just because she can see herself and she can't resist. but one of my favorites so far has been talking to my little cousins, luke and jake. they're so much fun as it is, but seeing them fascinated by the computer and me being inside it was hilarious. makes me want to talk to all my little cousins on video chat -- but since i have somewhere around 18 of them under the age of 9 -- i don't know about that. my triplet cousins, addison, brooke and cooper, would be fun i think. (kara! set it up! lol)

anyway, i know pretty much everyone has video chat or skype now, but this is me highly recommending it.


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