Tuesday, October 2, 2012

bag lady

in my dreamlife, i have a job like Lauren Conrad's and the wardrobe of Kate Middleton. so since LC posted what's in her handbag, I thought I'd do the same, and i guess i'll just keep dreaming of how to get the Duchess of Cambridge's dress collection. I also think it is weirdly interesting to see what is in others' bags or pockets. you can tell so much about them just by what they carry around. so have a look.

1. toothpicks & mints.
when restaurants have those individually wrapped toothpicks or mints in a basket near the door, i usually take several. probably not supposed to do that, but you never know how when you'll need one!

2. cash.
i actually rarely have cash, but it really is best to have some on hand. 

3. ticket stubs & perfume samples.
i love keeping all movie ticket stubs from films that kyle and i go see together. after 7 years together, i know i have hundreds by now, plus movies that i've seen with other people. so you can usually find one or two of those in my bag. also, i don't get to buy as many different fragrances as i'd like, but i like to get the little cards and spray a sample on them. if i decide i'm in love with a scent, i can plan to make the big purchase. most recently i picked up a sample of the new lady gaga perfume and i love it. 

4. field notes notebook from kyle.
you can't see it here, but this little notebook is personalized and says "lemon drop" on the front. i carry it with me everywhere, just in case i need to jot down a list, story or blog post idea or just something i want to remember. even if i go two weeks without writing in it, i always have it with me and feel naked without something to write on.

5. change purse with cards.
i am so bad about losing my debit card or ID in the bottom of my bag somewhere. then i'm standing at the checkout at target digging around for it. i've finally figured that if i just keep it in my change purse, i'll know where to find it. most important card in this little pouch? my starbucks gold card. for sure.

6. compact mirror.
i got this one at old navy about a hundred years ago and it has been the best little mirror ever. it's thin, has two sides — one magnified, one regular — and i love the gold design, even though it's sort of started to fade off over the years.

7. lipgloss & lipsticks.
i'm also really bad to carry around 12 different lip items. i actually should have had a chapstick in there, too, and now i'm wondering where it is. currently, i have two mac lipsticks — one red, one neutral — and two lipglosses. one is by mac and is one of my favorites ever called "narcissus," and the other is a new one from one of my best friends, brooke, that came with my birthday gifts she got me. now, i'll be looking for my chopstick.

8. roll-on perfume. 
i bought this little tube in a shop downtown in knoxville. the fragrance is called "dew blossom" and is by a brand called love&toast. it's a clean smell and it's just what i need when i need to freshen up.

9. hair things.
i always have some random bobby-pins and hair ties in my bag, just in case the one that is permanently on my wrist disappears. also, i keep this beaded headband with me that i bought in a weird little gift shop in Cherokee, NC. 

10. the bag.
this little suede bag is from JCrew and was a gift from kyle's aunt for christmas. she has expensive taste, which usually means we get some snazzy gifts. this bag isn't too small, and goes with pretty much everything.

hope you enjoyed creeping into my bag. anything interesting in yours?



  1. Is it weird that I REALLY enjoyed seeing what was in your bag? What's with that? lol

    1. I don't know but I'm glad! lol I think it's super interesting to see what other people carry around!