Monday, September 24, 2012

west virginia cowboy

i met Corey in the 6th grade and never looked back.

he was all boots and belt buckles with a side of ornery and the brownest eyes you've ever seen. and i loved him.

sitting in my first homeroom class with him then, i only knew that his name was Corey Queen, which was in front of me alphabetically, that he looked like me and he was already making me laugh. i didn't know i was sitting next to someone i'd talk on the phone to for hours at a time, someone i'd have countryside adventures with, someone i'd know and love forever. i didn't know that then, but i do now.

that was 13 years ago. i thought we'd have at least 100 more.

we talked about break-ups and bad dreams, heartache and homecoming skits. i told him secrets and he told me the truth. we grew up and i moved away and i wish so much i would have been around more. i wish i would have gone to wayne a few more times. i should have made time.

it's awful seeing so many people i know and grew up with and love all in one place because of something so awful, but at the same time, i know i've never been prouder to be a Queen or a Pioneer.

i have a lot of questions and i don't think i'll ever understand why this happened to a good person with a good family. so just remember me, his friends and his beautiful family in your prayers and good thoughts. 

hold your people close, be kind to one another and do what makes you happy. there's not enough time for anything else.



  1. Kayla .. thank you for sharing your thoughts about Corey. I saw Corey and Kelsey grow up "in pictures" .. youth sports, weddings, etc. He had a smile that captured a person's heart .. he just had a warmth about him that made you know he would do anything for a person that he could. I lost track of Corey and Kelsey when they "grew up" .. but last night it was obvious that he was very well loved and meant so much to so many .. the outpouring of love for Corey and his family was special. Your post was beautiful and the last sentence should make everyone stop and think .. thank you!