Friday, October 12, 2012

ghost decoration diy

i thought a little diy tutorial might be fun for a friday. i made these little ghosts to hang on our front door for halloween, and i just used things i had around the house and was able to recycle some things! super easy!

some old plastic bags (like from target or kroger)
white fabric (i used an old top that i no longer wear)
white or gray tulle
twine or some sort of string
pieces of red and brown fabric (i used scraps of felt)
hot glue gun
black marker

step one
roll up several of the bags to make a ball, then put the ball inside one of the bags and twist it around to make the ghost shape.

step two
place the fabric over top of the ball, then the tulle, and twist that around to make the ghost.

step three
wrap some of the twine or string around the ball and tie tightly. snip off any of the hanging strands of the string with scissors.

step four
take the pins and draw on the tips with the black marker. add the pins to the head of the ghost to make the eyes.

step five
draw the shape for the mouth of the ghost on the felt/fabric. i made red lips and a mustache, but you could make whatever type of mouth you want. a simple black circle would make a spookier ghost! cut out the shape and hot glue them to the ghost's face.

step six
cut off a short piece of wire and weave it through the tulle on the top of the ghost's head. twist it to make it into a small loop, then snip off any excess pieces of the wire.

step seven
thread some of the twine through the loop and tie the ends in a knot. 

step eight
hang up the ghost on your front door or wherever you want.


i hope you enjoyed this little halloween diy. kyle doesn't understand my obsession with halloween, but i don't care. i love it! we're supposed to go on a hike this weekend (aka a walk with a trail and some trees. i don't really like hikes), so that should be fun.

let me know if you make any ghosts or other halloween decorations!


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