Tuesday, September 11, 2012


i know i write one of these every year, but why shouldn't i? kyle is my person. 

i could type all day long and not explain a fraction of my feelings for kyle or the understanding that we have for each other or the ways i know we love each other. but i won't. because true love isn't a long blog post or a list of adjectives or one particular story. it's a saturday morning filled with drinking coffee, reading together on the couch and an easy silence. it's dancing in the kitchen to old records. it's making a cup of hot tea when you're sick and cleaning up snotty tissues without a second thought. it's turning down the radio to talk about the movie, holding hands as you fall asleep and knowing when to shut up because the other one is in a bad mood. it's a bad day at work and a hug when you get home. it's crying in church and praying for the same things. it's dreaming of your future and planning weekend trips. it's taking the trash out and packing lunches and kissing goodbye.  it's comfort. it's every day. it's each other. it's life.

that's what kyle and i have built together, and what we will continue to build as we grow older. we'll figure out each step of life and we'll figure it out together. that's what we've done for the past seven years. 

that's love.

happy anniversary, kjd. i can't wait to be your wife and have a new anniversary.


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