Tuesday, September 11, 2012

birth days

two big things happened recently:
1. Kyle turned 27.
2. our new nephew arrived!

meet Hunter Jacob Dyer.

he is perfect and precious and i miss him already. Brady is already a great big brother. i love being an aunt and in about a year, it'll be official. because, you know, i'm getting married.

for Kyle's birthday, we took a little weekend trip to Nashville, which is SUCH a cool town. we shopped and ate good food and just enjoyed being somewhere new. we'd actually been to Nashville before, but couldn't remember a thing about it because it was in 2006, it was freezing, and we didn't get to stay long. but this time was definitely memorable. 

- Kyle bought the coolest pair of jeans ever from imogene+willie.
- i had the best margarita of my life at rosepepper cantina. 
- i met and hung out with Miranda Lambert. 

one of those is a lie

anyway, it was a successful trip. yesterday, for Kyle's actual birthday, i made him a nice birthday breakfast, and baked a chocolate cake. from scratch, which basically took all day. but it was delicious.

it was nice just chilling at home for his birthday and then going to a movie in the evening, but it definitely wasn't the same without our families and friends around. we will definitely have to recelebrate next time we go to wv. we like to celebrate our birthdays for at least a month anyway. 


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