Sunday, September 16, 2012

on our way

well, we are officially under the one year mark for the wedding, which is unexpectedly making me nervoussss.

kyle and i are trying our damnedest to avoid making things too wedding-y. i still want it to be sort of traditional, but as i'm diving deeper into this whole thing, i am seeing why there are "traditions" and why most people do things a certain way for their weddings. because, well, it's easier if you just have to pick when and where and everything else is pretty much already decided. we just don't really want that...not because there's anything wrong with it, we just want things to be different. special. us. which basically means that we are making things harder for ourselves.

while things might be harder for me, i'm really trying to make it easier for everyone involved. for instance, i'm trying to find an alternative to dragging every woman in my wedding party to a dress shop and being put through measurements and high prices and even higher-priced alterations, and when everyone is living in different places and dealing with their own lives, i find this makes me feel a little guilty to ask that of them. so we'll see. 

something else that is causing panic with the date being less than a year away — fitness. i have been busting my ass for the past few weeks, like more than ever, and i'm just going to have to keep busting it. i mean, it's my wedding day, so i will not stop until my arms look like Michelle Obama's. period.

also with planning, i often find myself getting too excited and getting way ahead of myself, which in some weird way is a good thing. like, i already have a rough draft playlist on my iTunes. seriously, kayla? there will be a hundred more songs to come out between now and then, and i totally know that, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead, right?

we still haven't decided 100% on a location yet, so if any of you know any farms/fields/empty barns that are fairly easy to get to, let a girl know. 

i believe that once everything is decided and we are there in the moment, it will all be worth this craziness. i promise, this will be one cool wedding, people. trust me. 



  1. ok i totally understand the playlist situation!! ha. I was making mine months in advance too... no shame girl. And honestly, i can relate.. it is difficult to merge one's own unique style with a little taste of tradition and a helping of budget, too. You're both such creative souls, however, that I know yall will end up with something eccentric and beautiful but most of all... meaningful :)

    1. Thank you, Kati. :) I'm glad someone gets the stressful things that come along with wedding planning! haha!