Tuesday, March 22, 2011

minty fresh

while my dear siblings and mark were in town to visit, we went to the paris market again. they always have the coolest stuff, and my brother and i stumbled upon these gems.

garden in a bag. yes, please! there were several herbs and flowers available, like oregano, cilantro and even strawberries. the strawberries seemed easier for me to kill, so i opted with mint. :)

there are easy to follow instructions on the back, and the plant grows right in the bag. :)

the soil comes in a separate bag, and when i cut it open and added a little water, like the instructions said, the smell of wet dirt made me so excited for spring i almost squealed.

the seeds (which are the tiniest seeds i've ever seen) come in that little plastic baggie. seriously, they were so tiny, i just had to turn the bag inside out to get them all into the soil.

after adding the seeds, i used the little sprayer thing on my sink to water the seeds down into the soil.

after that, you place a plastic baggie over the top and place in a warm place until sprouts pop up and then you remove the bag and wait for mint! i'm so excited for my new, and hopefully successful, herb. i'm already making lists of things kyle and i could use it for, which so far consists of only drinks...mint juleps, mojitos, etc...

just say a little plant prayer for this guy -- records show i'm not the best with growing things.

here's to spring.


  1. mmmm... fresh mint! you may be making fresh mojitos in no time! :-)

  2. i hope so! i'm so anxious -- i check it like every 5 minutes thinking something will be there. lol