Thursday, March 17, 2011

st. patty's in savannah

not sure if you've heard, buttttt st. patrick's day in savannah, georgia is a big freaking deal. there's a countdown clock that starts over every year in front of the st. patrick's day parade committee of savannah office. many shops and stores just close down for the day. you literally could drive around for hours and not find a parking spot. kids get off from school. people wear green feather boas. that kind of big deal.

however, our day was quite uneventful as far as crazy-green-st-pattys-day-parties go.

we thought we could just walk downtown, but then realized after about 10 minutes that the full walk would take about 50 minutes. notgonnahappen. so we turned back and got in the car and just drove around looking at all the crazies dressed in flashing green hats and strings of beads.

then i had to go to work and deal with all the people coming to the mall after the parade was over. blahhhhhh.

after that, though, i came home, made dinner, relaxed, and then kyle and i ventured out again (in the car) and went downtown to people watch and see what we could get into. what we got into was this...

deliciousssss frozen yogurt from fruzen twist. the greenish one is mint irish cream (yum) and the pinkish one is....wait for velvet cake. the toppings were coconut and little oreo pieces. i was literally sad when it was gone.

then we came home and did this.

also, i literally own nothing (or at least don't have anything with me here in georgia) that is the color green. so here was my attempt.

basically it was a pretty chill day for us even though it seemed everyone else was obviously having the best day of their lives.

some things we heard while on the street:
"i have a lighter in my bosom."
"that dude was dressed as a girl."
"teenage mutant ninja turtles! turtles in a half-shell!"

even though we didn't directly partake in any of the insanity, it was still a lot of fun watching people and just walking amongst the crowd. i have a feeling once my siblings arrive, things will be a little more eventful, and i'm definitely excited for the rest of the weekend. :)


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