Monday, March 28, 2011

long live all the magic we made

our beach day :)

being in savannah, living on my own for the first time ever, has been wonderful. but one of the greatest things about it, has been the visitors. ironic? :)

over st. patrick's day weekend, my brother, sister and her boyfriend, mark, came to visit us. i was super excited to see my siblings and be able to run around town with them. we got to eat some good food, have some ice cream, shop a little, go to the beach and witness some crazies down on river street. fun!

taylor & mark :)

casey & kyle :)

casey trying on the ugliest pants ever lol :)

our day at the beach was probably my favorite.
it was really nice outside, and after having lunch and going to the paris market (when i got my mint plant!), we headed to the ocean. it took us to get there because of so much spring break traffic, but when we finally made it there and met our friendssss, it was great. we had sunshine, cold drinks, and chit chat. perfection. :) once the sun started going down, it got colldddddd. the wind was frigid and none of us were prepared as far as clothing, but we stuck it out for the crazyawesome moon. it was lovely, indeed. :)

the relationship i have with my siblings is pretty extraordinary. we all look the same. talk to same. laugh the same. it is nearly impossible to distinguish my voice from my sister's on the phone, and somehow my little brother knows about the awesome songs i love months before i even discover them. but more than all of that, we are connected. my sister and i can literally finish each others' sentences. i can see through my brother's blue eyes into his mind and figure out what is causing the wrinkle in his forehead. and there is nothing i would rather do than sit up late and laugh and act a fool with them.

growing up, of course we fought -- we still do sometimes -- but we will stick by each other through everything. everything. as i've said before, leaving home was hard. but what made it so hard was my siblings. i blame our parents for making us so close, and therefore, making leaving home so freaking emotional. my mom always made us make up if we fought and threatened to make us hug, because that's what her mother did when she would fight with her brothers. so it's her and my dad's fault it was so hard to leave them. the image of the two of them sitting in my brother's room crying when i was about to drive away will be printed in my mind and heart forever. and somehow, even though i broke their hearts by leaving, they still support me. and encourage me. and love me. the love i have for kyle is vast and deep, but the love i have for them -- i can't even explain it. it's almost other-worldly.

being away from home has really made me appreciate the people in my life even more than i already did, and a simple three day visit can mean so much. i am so thankful for them and for my family and friends, and i'm excited to be heading back to wv in a couple weeks to be surrounded and embraced by the people i love.

we'll see what comes next.


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