Monday, June 6, 2011

womanhood wonders

so when you're a woman, there are certain things you have to deal with that men might not care so much about.
forgot to pack the right kind of underwear on a trip, run into your ex at the grocery store post-workout/tanning bed (aka you stink), didn't have time to shave your legs before a date, got your dress stuck in your underwear, etc. in my mind, men wouldn't normally think twice about such things, just like they wouldn't mind if they had skin peeling from their face after a sunburn...

(most) guys don't wear makeup, so they don't know about the weird reaction when you try to put foundation on your skin and it just peels more. like today. i tried my best to cover up my weird three-colored skin before work, then just gave up and decided not too many people see me at my job anway, so whatev. however, when i looked in my compact around noon to put on some lipstick, i quickly realized my forehead was not the issue. my skin was also peeling above my lip -- i had a skin-stache. how long has that been there? i peeled some skin away to see what would happen, but it just made it worse. i frantically dug through my oversized bag for some lotion -- nothing. but i did have some cuticle cream...

and that's how you improvise, ladies. i put cuticle cream on my face. and let me tell you, it did the job.

my whole point is that men would never a. care if they had a skin-stache because they already have a
legit stache to begin with, or b. result to cuticle cream on their face because they don't have cuticle cream in the first place. there are some things that men just don't get. even kyle, who is as close to perfect as it's gonna get when it comes to a boyfriend, will never fully appreciate certain dynamics of the female world. and honestly, i can't say that i blame him. obviously, there's probably some manhood crap that i don't get, but i would venture to say no man has ever had to deal with this.

i'm sure i'm not the first (at least that's what i keep telling myself) to have a skin-stache or any number of weird things taht happen to a woman that can be embarassing/hilarious. right? please share. i'll be sure to have the cuticle cream handy just in case you need it.


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