Friday, June 17, 2011

you're still my same girl

tomorrow marks the first of the three weddings i have the privilege of being part of this summer.

wedded bliss celebration #1

brooke smith & derek hartman

the first time i saw brooke was when i was in the second grade and she was in the third. i was being moved over to the third grade class for reading and english because i was super smart and needed more of a challenge. (kidding. but seriously...) the first day i walked across the hall from mrs. bias's room to mrs. murdock's, i saw a girl in the front row with the blondest hair i'd ever seen. it was almost white. actualy, it really was white. so perfectly blonde and shiney it caught my eye right away. i had dark brown curly/frizzy hair and hers seemed other-worldly to me. she had on a white t-shirt of some kind and her angel-like hair was pulled up into a bun or something. she was so pretty and i was so glad to meet her and become friends with her. from that moment, we were friends.

we had sleepovers where i'm sure we probably called boys and did things that would mortify us today. if we were anywhere near jordan sharp's house, we were playing soapy trampoline and acting a fool. (btw, soapy trampoline is exactly what it sounds like and is more fun that you think.)

i don't exactly remember when brooke got her braces put on, but i know mine were put on in fifth grade, and soon enough we were both awkward 12 year olds with metal teeth getting ready to go to middle school aka hell. kissing boys with wires and rubber bands in our mouths seemed impossible. we tried nonetheless. we played softball together, and i use the word "played" lightly. we basically sat in the dugout and talked about boys and plucking our eyebrows. she told me jessica plucked hers for the first time ad she cried. we weren't much into sports, but we tried and had fun.

i think eighth grade was when she and i both had the same long-sleeved yellow tommy hilfiger shirt and we both wore it to my 13th birthday party at beech fork. we also wore dresses that were the same color to our junior homecoming.
eighth grade trip

no matter what level of closeness we've been at over the years, we've always sort of just understood each other. she's one of those people who is the same all the time. you could go a year without seeing her (which i hope to god never happens) and then run into her at the mall and it would be like you just saw her yesterday.

here's the thing about brooke -- she's a fun friend. but you can also trust her. which is exactly what a good girlfriend should be.

when she introduced me to derek, i immediatley loved him. he is one of those people who you talk to and think "don't i know you already?" he's so kind and easy to talk to, that i felt like i met him in mrs. murdock's third grade class, too, and i'm trying to remember what he brought to show and tell. i'm pretty sure he hugged me when we met. not a handshake, a hug. but i could have just made that up because he was so friendly. not just that, though, he loves brooke like no one else i've ever seen. you've read the hallmark cards that say "my eyes light up when you come into the room." well, that really happens to derek. you can see it all over him.

i'm just glad he sees in her what i've always seen in her since that day i saw her white hair -- she's beautiful inside and out. seriously.

i hope i don't cry tomorrow. i am bad to shed some tears at weddings, but especially with people i'm close with. and i'm close with these people. and they are so in love. and they want me to be there to share the moment they become husband and wife, the ultimate team. how could i not be emotional? not to mention she's going to be beautifullll.

it's going to be wonderful tomorrow. congratulations & best wishes, B&D. i hope you are both always happy.


engagement photos by the jessica smith hutchinson.

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